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I know we don't have autumn or winter here. Nevertheless, I thought that I would add lipstick colors that are most used in these two ...

A/W Lipstick Collection : Drugs store edition (PART 1)

I know we don't have autumn or winter here. Nevertheless, I thought that I would add lipstick colors that are most used in these two seasons into my collection.  When you think of Autumn and Winter lip stick colours, you'd think of dark berry red and purple undertones. My A/W lip stick collection ranges from bright fuschia to really dark vampy red and purple tones.  In this post I focused more on the the pink lip products. Next post, I will focus on the reds of my A/W lip stick collection and lastly in the 3rd installment of this series of posts will be the purples of the collection. Of course there are a few hits and misses in my experimentation, but I can't wait to share them with you guys, so here we go!

First up is one of my favorite new lip products in the drugstore, the L'oreal Shine Caresse in 610 Flora. First off, let's talk about the packaging, it looks a hell of a lot more expensive that it actually is. The packaging is really sturdy, unlike the packaging of some drug store products out there, (yes I'm looking at you Wet & Wild), I know that L'oreal bought over Yves Saint Laurent quite a few years back and this packaging does remind me of the YSL Glossy Stain. In fact, it has been touted by bloggers and beauty vloggers as the dupe for said YSL lip product. I'm not here to talk about that because I don't own a YSL Glossy Stain (not yet anyway) therefore I'm not able to make any comparison between the two products. 

Thoughts on the product : I do like the texture of this, however my first impression was that it was not as pigmented as I would like or that I'm used to. In fact, it was pretty sheer. I guess this suits L'oreal's claims about the product being of a "subtle glossy shine". They also claim that this product has the texture & shine of a gloss, I do agree with that however, take note that the shine comes from what looks like tiny sparkles of glitter, so in real life I found that it does not look as flattering as it does in pictures. I mean I applied this and when I looked in the mirror I could see those tiny specks of glitter but when I took a picture of myself the lip stick just looked like the perfect "my lips but better" lip  color. I also received many compliments when I wore this lip stick particularly how "natural" it looked on my lips and it was surprisingly more durable than I expected. I mean this lip color cling to my lips even after countless of drinks and I could really tell when it was still there because there's that slightly sticky feeling on the lips. However, don't expect this to hold up after eating. Another con that I could think of is the smell, it smells like diluted soap. I do like how it applies, it gives off a very cooling feeling on the lips upon application. 

Would I re-purchase : Hell yeah. 
Price : RM 35.90

I've talked and reviewed this next one before so I would not go into detail here and it is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 06 Fuschia. What can I say, this lives up to its name, a very long wearing lip product with a beautiful and pigmented formulation. I find that this product is perfect for dinner parties and weddings because if you're anything like me you'd want to eat and drink and have fun at a dinner party without having to worry about touching up. If you haven't read my full review on the product, have a go at it now and see whether this is the one for you

Would I re-purchase : YESS
Price : RM49

I've also reviewed this next lip product as well, have a read of the full review here,
In a nut shell I do love this Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon, it is moisturizing, pigmented and very comfortable to wear. The only con would be that it is not long wearing. It barely lasts throughout the day leaving just a slight stain on my lips. So if you're looking for a long wearing lip product this might not be the best option. 

Would I re-purchase : Yes
Price : RM32.90

So that's all for the first part of this series of  posts for my A/W Lipstick Collection. Hope this was enjoyable for you to read, thanks for visiting my blog! xx


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