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Wedding prep has been absolutely brutal on me. I barely have any time for myself lately. Last weekend though I decided to take some time o...

My mini getaway to Melacca + mini OOTD

Wedding prep has been absolutely brutal on me. I barely have any time for myself lately. Last weekend though I decided to take some time off from the city that never sleeps and went for a mini getaway with my best friend, Nicole to the historic state of Malacca for a little R&R. With a small population of 850,00 people, I have always been in love with this mini state because it only takes 1 and a 1/2 hour drive to get to. Furthermore, the food is so much cheaper than you'll ever get in KL and it's delicious! Second of all, despite the traffic jam and the sweltering heat, I find that the small streets and historic buildings have charmed me. 
Unfortunately I did not get to visit the historic sites this time around due to time constraints, because we were only there for the weekend. Instead Nicole and I went for a walk down Jonker Street to get a taste of good old Nyonya food that Malacca is so famous for. 
But first we stopped by Bikini Toppings to get some coconut shakes. Sorry I didn't get any pictures taken there though because I was too busy enjoying my delicious coconut shakes. But here are a few pictures I got off the internet. 

Photo credit to

Photo credit to
Another coconut shake that is on my wish list the next time I visit Melacca is the one on Klebang Beach because I've heard so many good things about it, but for now this one will suffice! 
Afterwards we visited a restaurant just down the street from Bikini Topppings called something along the lines of River Run. We went there based on the recommendations of the local vendors there; I must say that although the food was pretty tasty I probably wouldn't go there again simply because the service was quite slow.  
Can you believe that this only costs us RM26?!!!
The last time I was in Melacca I went to Peranakan Restaurant and I thought that it was heaps better than this one. I must warn you though that this restaurant is packed with patrons most of the time so you might need to wait before you get a seat. If you are completely famished like we were go to other places like River Run simply because the food is good and is not as packed as the latter. 
Before we head back to our hotel to check in, Nicole and I strolled along Jonker Street because she was craving for some Onde - Onde and I was craving for some Satay for me to munch on and we stumbled upon some pretty cool sights along the way.  

I wore a really airy and comfortable crisp white sun dress which I paired with a grey cardigan just in case it rained. I loved the unique details on this dress, the fine lines have a minimalist appeal and the full skirt silhouette of the dress makes it a summer staple. My pink see through hand bag is from Annafella Boutique, I find that this bag was perfect for my trip because it helped me stay organised as it came with a tiny pouch where I can put my phone, my car keys etc. I wore an Ipanema flip flop, because who wants to wear heels on their holidays? 
Dress:: @infiniteblisswyn on Instagram / twelve7blisshouse on Facebook. 
Bag:: @annafellaboutique on Instagram 
We finally got to our hotel around 5 and I absolutely loved the resort we were staying at. The resort is located near the Ayer Keroh toll / exit and it is only a 30 mins drive from Malacca city centre. 

The view from our balcony. Serene, isn't it?

I really really loved the eco-friendly concept of this resort. Later that night, Nicole and I head down to the Tanjung Wellness Spa and I had my first ever full body scrub and massage. I had never felt so pampered and relaxed in my life that I think I ought to add "go for messages at least once every few months" into my new year's resolution next year! Because the resort's compound was rather big and it was pouring down rain that night we had to call for a buggy to get to the Spa even though it was only a stone's throw away from our cabin which I thought was mighty convenient, no?

The next day after a bit of lounging around in the hotel compound and long walks with my best pal we headed back to KL. Nicole and I were pretty bummed that we had to leave this beautiful resort so soon though but at least we got a pretty good time bonding in the mini road trip back home, which was undoubtedly one of the best moments of the trip! 
Our complementary breakfast

During the whole duration of the trip I had an epiphany that I love to travel and that I always felt so good when I'm travelling. Sometimes I get so caught up with my fast paced life and planning and worrying for the future that I forget to slow down, take some time off and travel! So if you feel a bit overwhelmed with life and feels like things are getting out of control, I urge you to stop, take a deep breath and call up a friend and go on an adventure! It doesn't even have to be far or exotic, sometimes trying that new hip coffee place in town that you've always wanted to try could make you feel rejuvenated and have u feeling like a million bucks! 

This beautiful see through dress that I wore to the pool over my swim suit is from Junkyard Avenue.
 See through dress :: Junkyard Avenue (@junkyardavenue on Instagram)

 Places mentioned:
1. Bikini Toppings off Jonker Street 
2. Peranakan Restaurant off Jonker Street
3. Philea Resort & Spa
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