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Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam  + Great at cleansing without drying out the skin + Is a nice and ...

My Korean Skincare Faves Update & Haul

Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam 
+ Great at cleansing without drying out the skin
+ Is a nice and gentle cleanser
+ At the price of RM29.90 on it is really affordable 

This is my third time buying this cleanser and honestly I really have no qualms about it. It even smells like Aloe Vera. It leaves my skin feeling clean without that tight feeling on my skin which usually signifies that the cleanser might be too harsh or drying for my dry and sensitive skin. I would totally recommend this product to those with a similar skin type. 

Nature Republic Aqua Super Max Moisture Watery Cream

+ An emollient and thick moisturiser that helps keep skin moisturised
+  Does not have a distinctive smell that can be quite repulsive to some people
- Packaging is not travel friendly. It is quite heavy and may break if you drop it. 
Funny story about the packaging of this moisturiser. I don't keep any of my toiletries in the toilet, so I have to bring them with me into the toilet whenever I am getting into the shower. One day, I was carrying my moisturiser in and out of my toilet and given that the packaging is round and slippery, it totally slipped out of my fingers. I broke the top half. Thank god I was about done with the moisturiser and had to re-stock otherwise the broken cover would have been quite an inconvenience. 

I went to Japan earlier this year and I spent about a week there. Normally, if I travel to any cold countries at all, mind you it was the end of my winter, my skin would crack and sting due to dryness, especially the skin around my nose. This time I was determined to not let that happen again, so, on the plane, every few hours or so I kept applying this moisturiser and the  Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel and I never had any cracked skin at all. My younger sister was having a cold and she was experiencing dryness around her nose, because she was constantly rubbing her face with tissues and this routine helped her as well. 

The last one is not a really a skincare faves since I've never tried it. I'm just so excited to share with you what I just bought! I've always heard wonderful things about this mask. It's a 2 in 1, scrub and mask product which I personally find to be absolutely genius, cause I get to cut short the time of my at-home facial. Plus, why buy two products when you can have one that does both? 

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask

+ Price : RM 25.50 (currently on sale on, retail price is RM44)

This scrub has been touted by many as their HG scrub, I've always wanted to try this scrub but they have always been out of stock, so previously I purchased the Skin Food Black Sugar Honey Mask which was a hydrating exfoliating scrub. However, I found that the latter was great at the hydrating part but not so great with the exfoliating part. It did make my skin smoother and "cleaner" or brighter every time I use it, but I still think that the exfoliating could be better as it did not help with my clogged pores all that much. 

So that's it folks, my latest skincare faves and haul. Can't wait to give them a try especiall the scrub. One thing I love about Korean skincare is that they have the cutest packaging, on top of that I read online that by 2018 all Korean beauty products are going to be cruelty free! 

So hopefully you guys enjoyed reading this and it is helpful in some ways! 

Let me know in the comments section what are some of your Korean skincare/ makeup favourites because I'm just starting to delve into Korean skincare and makeup.

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* All pictures are my own and all the products were purchased with my own money. 


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