3 things only people in their late 20s will understand.

No one told me that after you graduate, you will be stuck in a sort of limbo between your party all night long college self and this sudden onslaught of adulthood. Perhaps, for the majority of people it's not that bad, cause not much will change. For me though, the change was rather magnified by the fact that I got married a few months after graduation. Let me tell you a few things that will change.

1. Clothes 
Forget about those crop tops and summer jeans you used to strut your stuff in during uni days, those things are no longer wearable once you start working or you're married. Clothes is the first thing that will change once you start turning into an "adult". The dilemma is this, how do I dress up like a respectable adult? How do I look good while not looking like a prude? What brands do I buy from? Previously Cotton on and Forever 21 were my staples. Don't get me wrong, they're still good for the working life, but you have to start investing in better key pieces in your wardrobe. So, my one stop shop for everything work related has got to be Uniqlo. Lemme tell you, once you start working that 9-5 lifestyle, your work wardrobe will somehow find its way to your weekends too. So you now you have to find the right balance. Smartly dress on weekdays, more summer-y stuff on the weekends.

2. Priorities
Previously my priority was to go out and have fun on the weekends. Now, all I want to do on the weekends is sleep in and just watch tv really. For one thing, it helps to save money. Secondly, you just want to rest cause once Monday rolls over you're just like "I wanna stay in bed!!!!"

3.  You stop caring about what people think or say about you. 
Let's face it, besides trying to pay your bills, going to the gym and doing adult stuff you really don't have the time to worry about petty things anymore like how many likes you get on instagram or what's the latest ridiculous fashion trends are anymore. On top of that, all of those nice stuff you used to do to please people, all that stuff went out the window because you realize that the only person whose opinion matters to you and your happiness is your own. Screw societal expectations.


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