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Hello, Urban Hippies! Recently in December of 2015, I decided to stock up on some Korean skincare. I've done multiple small purchases...

Hermo Haul & Review

Hello, Urban Hippies! Recently in December of 2015, I decided to stock up on some Korean skincare. I've done multiple small purchases with and, this time, I did not hold back. (As per outlined in my ARE YOU AN ONLINE SHOPPING VIRGIN? blog post where I wrote about how to be a smart online shopper if you haven't read it click the link to read up on that guide). Christmas or the end of the year is the time to splurge after all as most things will be on sale!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this website, is a Malaysian online beauty shop where Asian skincare and beauty products can be purchased! These products are sourced directly from the brand's suppliers and distributors so it is 100% guaranteed to be original. 

The box came in an amber colour with a christmas theme to it!

Although, the box was a little bit dented, thankfully, all of the products were all in good condition, thanks to their meticulous packaging.

The items that I bought were: 

1. Twin Pack Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel 300 ml(RM35) by Nature Republic
  •  My thoughts on the product // It's a soothing and moisturizing gel without being too sticky or creamy. It's great for tropical climate as it is also cooling on the skin. I personally use this as a moisturizer on days I don't need a creamy moisturizer or mixed in with some facial oil as a hydrating mask. 
  • Cosdna analysis:
2. Premium Lettuce and Cucumber Watery Toner 180ml (RM42) by Skin Food
  • My thoughts on the product // An amazing toner with a watery texture but with a slightly sticky feeling when applied to the face. As the name suggests it contains Lettuce and Cucumber so it is purported to be hydrating and soothing on the skin. I find that it helps retain moisture as it is slightly sticky and I have to really pat it into my skin so that it gets absorbed into my skin but above all it smells amazing! It also leaves my skin feeling supple and fresh after using it. 
  • Cosdna analysis:
3. Rice and Ceramic Toner for all skin types (RM15) by The Face Shop 
  • My thoughts on the product // Enriched with rice extract, this product is meant to help nourish and moisturize skin, as well as help replenish skin's moisture barrier with Ceramide. I have not used this toner yet but I will review it as soon as I do. 
  • Cosdna analysis:
4. Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam (RM20.50) by Nature Republic
  • My thoughts on the product // This is one of my holy grail cleansers just like The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser, this cleanser is amazing on my dehydrated skin. It does not dry out my skin and my face feels squeaky clean after using it. I like to use it as a second cleanse after my facial oil. 
  • Cosdna analysis:
5. Marshmallow Puff (RM 21.50) by Too Cool for School. 
  • My thoughts on the product //  I've only used it once thus far, but as I was using it, it felt a bit too dense and as a result too tough to be called a "sponge". There's no denying that by dampening this with a little bit of water, this puff helps tremendously to blend my concealer like a dream. It is great at achieving the most natural looking foundation or concealer. However, it did feel like it was a bit tough. Perhaps, I did not douse it in enough water? Perhaps by doing so, it might actually turn into a sponge texture? Regardless of its texture, it did blend my concealer really well. I was surprised by how natural my concealed under eye looked after I used this puff to blend out the concealer I applied to that region. At RM21.50, I say this is an amazing and a value for money dupe to the Beauty Blender. 
I love how the Hermo team seemed to put a lot of effort and thought into the packaging of every purchase. Furthermore,  I love that I often get free vouchers, brochures or even sample of products with every purchase, just like if I was buying in Korea.

All in all, I was really satisfied with how fast the shipping was  with my third and biggest purchase from Hermo and how everything was wrapped neatly and securely. I will definitely be a loyal customer to from now on! 

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