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Hi there, how are you guys doing? Did you guys have a nice long weekend over Eid Al-Adha? I know I did. I spent the whole day of Eid with m...

Where to eat? Feeka Coffee Roasters

Hi there, how are you guys doing? Did you guys have a nice long weekend over Eid Al-Adha? I know I did. I spent the whole day of Eid with my huge family. The hobbitses (my cousins) came from far wide and we spent the whole day making fun of each other, as we do for every family gathering. Afterwards we went to visit other relatives and finished the evening watching random tv shows and the Super Sunday football match together. My day didn't end there though, my fiance and I spent some time later that evening to watch the Transformers : Age of Extinction, finally! I thought that it was a great movie but I was so exhausted towards the end I could hardly stay up.
Anyway, on Monday which was a public holiday my fiance and I decided to try a new place to have brunch and my elder sister suggested Feeka on Jalan Mesui. (Feeka is a swedish term meaning to "have a break and with a drink and some food") The first thing we saw as we arrived was a very cute entrance. I mean which is the trademark for most of the restaurants off Jalan Mesui, I thought the entrance was very welcoming and made me feel right at home. 

There are two major areas in which you can dine in, for all you smokers out there, I know you'd like to eat al fresco, and fret not as there's a nice spacious area for you to dine out in the open. 

The staff were very friendly and service was really good but let's cut to the chase, the food is your main concern right?
I am happy to report I was very pleased with the food. I had chargrilled chicken (RM18) and the side cheesy corn salad in particular was amazing, the chicken is not too bad either. My other half loved his beef sandwich too (RM 18). Although he was a tad bit surprised to see a purple sauce in his sandwich but I tasted it and it was delicious!   
Toasted rye bread with slices of sirloin, horseradish relish, swiss cheese, arugula leaves, roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions and served with french fries. 

Chargrilled chicken leg served with delicious brown sauce and a cheesy corn salad.

 I was having a bit of sore throat and flu so I ordered green tea but my fiance ordered some iced mocha (RM 12), which of course I had to take a sip of, I mean it is a coffee shop after all and it definitely did not disappoint my taste buds. (I'm neither a coffee expert nor a coffee enthusiast per say so I can't comment much on the coffee.) I'm not a food blogger either so forgive me if my review is not as eloquent and descriptive as that of a food blogger but I genuinely liked this place and I really wanted to share my experience here!

 I even snapped a photo of the whole menu and I liked the fact that there's a lot more food to chose from than you can expect from your run of the mill coffee house. The only complaints I have about this place is probably the fact that the food portion is a little bit too small, but then again their main attraction is their coffee after all. On the bright side, the small portion means that you have some space left in your tummy for desserts afterwards. Also, I went on a public holiday and parking was quite easy to find. 

 As the indoor section of the coffee house was quite packed with people I couldn't snap too many photos of what the inside looks like. I found the decor to be quite simplistic and artsy, some art works from a local artist Fri Till Dea, very bare minimal furniture and the whole feel of the shop is very rustic industrial chic. 

Toilet is located on the 1st floor and it is very interesting to note that they have quite a huge space for rent for any private events, dinners and parties on that floor. So if you want a nice casual space to cater for your event, look no further! 

I really loved the whole ambiance of the place and my fiance and I stayed for a good couple of hours there talking about everything from gaming to life and everything in between with Ed Sheeran playing in the background. I really miss just talking and having brunch with my fiance, as we get older and our relationship matures, the opportunities for us to just talk for hours on end and to sit down and have a proper meal together are very few and far in between. It was really nice to just wind down and reconnect with the other half, the casual vibe and the effortless romantic ambiance of Feeka definitely helped. 
All in all, i'm very glad that I had the chance to try Feeka and I would definitely come back again, there are more things on the menu I would like to try especially the desserts and the breakfast platter! :) 
So if you haven't been to Feeka Coffee Roasters do pay this cute little shop in the middle of the city a visit, hopefully you'll find something to delight your palate! 
My pictures do not do it justice so do check out their FB page for more images of the place.  

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