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Meal Prep #1 2017

Hey there, it's still early in the year of 2017 and a friend was asking me whether I could share some meal prep ideas. So in this post I have listed down some meal prep ideas categorised into Protein, Vegetables & Carbs. Some of the dishes are tried and tested some are recipes that I plan to try. I hope this will be useful for those who want to meal prep throughout the week. What I personally do is that, I prep the ingredients on Sunday. Then on Monday night I just cook them all. You can cook on Sunday if you want to. Then I'd make these recipes enough for 8 or 16 servings. (lunch and dinner for two people for four days) If I'm concerned that the dishes won't be fresh, as food are good for 3 days then they become less nutritious, then I only cook for 3 days. Then on 3rd day I prep more ingredients and  I'd cook another batch the night of the 3rd day just for the 4th day meals. Simple as that. The rest of the time I just try to eat healthy but I don't cook. I'll just eat whatever my mum cooks haha. 


Chicken (tried & tested)

1. Slice and score chicken so that marinade goes through
2. Marinade with Flavor God Cajun seasoning (from 15 minutes to overnight)
3. Grill in pan with butter.

Turkey + Veggie (plan to try)

Turkey/ Chicken Burger (tried & tested)

Chili Recipe (plan to try)

Can't seem to find the nutrition breakdown of this recipe, so judge based on the ingredients and steps whether this will be appropriate for your meal program.


Grilled Veggie (tried & tested)

Honey Roasted Carrots (tried & tested)



1. Simply drizzle a bit of olive oil in a pan.
2. Add a little butter, saute the asparagus until crisp tender and add the garlic at the very end after lowering the heat.
3. This is a simple, delicious and classic method of preparing many vegetables in addition to asparagus. Worthy of five stars if prepared with the necessary modifications. 


Roasted Potatoes (tried & tested)

I normally go with potatoes. I switch it up between normal potatoes and sweet potatoes. Choice of potatoes are completely up to you.


(plan to try these recipes, although I have cooked couscous before and I love it!)

Roasted Veggie and Couscous Salad

You can use this recipe for your couscous (best paired with grilled veggie that we also have a recipe for earlier or can just follow their recipe)

One Pan Chicken Couscous

OR this (this is a great recipe because you'd be done with your carbs and protein in one go, therefore minimal clean up required)

Brown Rice (plan to try these recipes)

Master Recipe

Master recipe (remember to serve only 1 cup per meal.)

Fried Brown Rice

Fried Brown Rice (use the basic recipe to cook the rice here)

One Pot Chicken & Rice Recipe

Remember that you might want to adjust the amount of  chicken broth to the type of brown rice used (long grain / short grain based on the ratio given in the Master Recipe. If you are scared it might not work then just use white rice. Just remember to only serve 1 cup per meal. 

eg: if 1 cup of long grain brown rice is used then use 1 1/4 cup of broth.

Here are all of the recipes given in a table format for your planning. You can always mix and match the dishes. Try to balance it, if one dish is high fat then pair it with a low carb and vice versa.

*None of the recipes belong to UrbanHippeKl 


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