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What it is A product that helps to set the brows thus keeping it neat and gives off a tint of color.  What it does Providing a natu...

Beauty Review : Etude House Color My Brows

What it is
A product that helps to set the brows thus keeping it neat and gives off a tint of color. 

What it does
Providing a natural and subtle looking color to the brows. It sets quickly setting your brows shape in place. 

RM 46 
(with a free gift of Etude House Play 101 Pencil or any other product with the same price)

It comes in 5 different colors. 
1# Rich brown - for dark hair such as black or brunette
2# Light brown - For bright hair such as blondie light brown
3# Red brown - For reddish hair such as wine or brown hair with a red undertone
4# Natural brown - For bright hair such as natural brown
5# Blondie brown - For very bright hair such as gold or blondie brown

I bought mine in the color 3# which is brown with a red undertone to suit my hair color which is also the same color. According to the booklet that came with the packaging, you should apply it to the arch of your eyebrows, firstly by brushing the wand perpendicular  to your brows (the wand should be vertical) then brush through the arch the second time, this time the wand should be horizontal to blend in the product with your brows. This should give off just a slight hint of reddish brown or color. However, I've used this throughout my brows (not just on the arch) and it still remains fairly subtle. In real life however, it looks so pretty and helps correct the color of the brows without looking too bright. I personally prefer brow products that are more on the subtle side as I have naturally thick eyebrows. Therefore, this product is directly up my alley! 

If you have sparse areas in your eyebrows however, this product is not meant to fill it in. Therefore, fill your eyebrows beforehand with an eyebrow pencil, powder or pomade to help fill in the sparse areas and draw the eyebrows first. Etude House Color My Brows is a secondary product to layer on top of those brow products. 

My brows without the Etude House Color My Brows. At this point I've filled in my brows with the eyebrow powders from BH Cosmetics Flawless Brow Trio. 

My brows with the Etude House Color My Brows 

My verdict? 
I am absolutely in love with this product, it helps correct my brow color in the most subtle but still detectable way. My brow color finally match my hair color! It also helps make my brows look neat as it sets everything in place. 

Where can you get it? 
I bought mine at an Etude House outlet for RM46
However, if you prefer to shop online you can get it from these online shops : : RM 25.90 


Althea Korea : RM 21 

*Of course prices will vary due to promotions and discounts offered or not offered at the time of your purchase.  
* Some of the information of product description and details were taken from 


  1. A really detailed review of the brow pencil. Sometimes, it is not easy to match colours but you did it!

  2. great to know that its available in so many shades..loving those brows

  3. wow, althea offer the lowest price!!! only for Rm 21. I am so tempting to buy it. and one of the etude house feature is that it really matches your hair colour, it look nice on you.

    congratulation!! you brow ur eyebrow colour!!!

  4. Look nice! Your eye brows make your eyes more charming ;)

  5. I only own an Etude House mascara before. Thanks for sharing this. I shall check this out at the nearest Etude House branch.

  6. Love how its turns out on your look! Definitely worth to buy!

  7. etude house is a good product. love how you did your brows.

  8. Hi Lany, I like your way of writing this product review. Very clear and straight to the points on the key information. Keep up the good work.

  9. hi ^^
    i'm using Nikon 7100 with 50mm lens ...
    i saw that u are Nikon user too ...

    cheers ... Nikon fans :P


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