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I'm sorry if I sound a little mellow this time around. The truth is I have been having quite a hard time with my skin and my health lat...

Bourjois Review!

I'm sorry if I sound a little mellow this time around. The truth is I have been having quite a hard time with my skin and my health lately. I don't know out of nowhere my skin became very sensitive towards a facial wash I've used for weeks and I'm developing some dry patches on my skin along with a few breakouts down my face that has prompted everyone around me to ask what has happened to my skin. This is especially hard for me because I've sort of always had clear skin. Well, not perfect skin, but I'm not that prone to breakouts. I honestly don't know what has happened. Regardless, the post must go on! This too shall pass! Thank god for concealers.

As promised two weeks ago I would do a review on the Bourjois products that I have recently purchased. If you haven't read my haul post, here's a link to it. So first off let me start with the foundation that I purchased, which is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is a gel textured foundation and it claims to blend and glide onto the skin for a natural finish. It also claims to erase imperfections and signs of fatigue and to increase skin's radiance for up to 16 hours. 

//My thoughts on the product //
When I apply this foundation I definitely didn't get that drag tight feeling that you get with very cake-y thick foundation instead it definitely just glide on my skin. It also feels super light; I don't get scared to apply it on my currently very dry skin. Although, 10 minutes before I put the foundation on I did apply a drop of avocado oil on my face as my moisturizer so I guess that could also contribute to how smooth it felt on my skin. I love putting a drop of oil before foundation to act as my moisturizer because I love dewy finishes. But I did swatch this on my hand as well and it didn't feel drying whatsoever so I know it's also the product that's giving me that moisturized feel and dewy finish. 

Radiance wise, I've used this product quite a few times, and I'm so happy with the natural glow it gives off, bear in mind I didn't use any shimmery powder highlighter on my cheeks at all like I normally would. But my cheeks looks extra dewy which I absolutely love. But I do feel that the radiance would not have been this apparent had I not apply some oil on my face. But there would definitely be some lifting effect on your complexion as the product claims because I did use this once before without applying oil on my face and it did have a natural glow effect. Possible drugstore dupe for Nars Sheer Glow? Coverage wise I'd say this is light to medium coverage. Definitely not a full coverage foundation. So if you have plenty of spots and reaaaaaaally dark under eye circles like me be ready to whip out that concealer of yours! 

The first time I applied this I used my Real Techniques stippling brush and I loved it. However, I experimented by applying this foundation with a foundation brush first (I used a generic brand-less, foundation brush) then the Real Techniques stippling brush to just sort of make the foundation more seamless and I loved how it looked even more. It just looks soooo natural. I love it. 

Color Boost Lip Crayon
This lip crayon is being said to be rather light, non-sticky and hydrating for the lips for up to 10 hours. 

// My thoughts on the product //
I love love this product! Love how it applies, love how it looks and I love how it lasts. I didn't get the chance to record how long it last but it definitely stained my lips and leaves a lovely leftover fuchsia color on my lips. I think I might have found the perfect lip color for my skin tone as this one looks like it just lifts my whole face and just made my face looks fairer than it actually is. It feels kind of balmy when you apply it, but just enough that it feels moisturizing but not sticky. Some products are too balmy that it just glides off your lips in no time, this doesn't do that. It's just enough. Of course with my dry skin and dry lips I love anything that is moisturizing it just bodes well for me. It also has spf15 which is great for this tropical weather. 

New Khol and Contour

Bourjois claims that this eyeliner is going to be soft and blend-able, it contains natural wax and vitamin E making it gentle enough for you to apply on the delicate contour in the eye area. Enriched with pure pigments, the eyeliner promises to give intense pigmentation that can last up to 16 hours.

//My thoughts on the product // 
This is probably the only product that I'm not so crazy about. In fact I was a bit disappointed with the pigmentation because it claims to give off an intense color but in reality it didn't. When I swatch-ed this on my hand it looked very promising, cause I've been wanting to try the Electric blue eyeliner trend for a while now and on my hand it looked very intense and bright the way I wanted it to be. But when I use it on my eyelids however, the intensity is just not there. It was quite disappointing; I tried layering it to make it look bolder I didn't get that either. For some reason it looked more blackened blue when applied to the eyes than it did on my hand. Is it my eyes? But yeah, I'm not so crazy about this eyeliner. It's probably a great alternative if you want an eyeliner look that's more subtle than the normal black eyeliner for daytime. But other than that, I can't find any other reason to like this product. I will probably try to use this with a damp eyeliner brush in the future to try to make it more intense. I was a bit disappointed when I applied it, it wasn't particularly creamy either. It didn't glide on my eyelids and it was pretty hard for me to get a proper line with this, I ended up ruining it halfway through on multiple occasions that I tried using this product. 

Little Round Pot Blush

This baked blusher transforms into powder formulation when applied to the skin, it exists in 12 shades and comes with a built in mirror and brush. 

//My thoughts on the product //
There's a reason why this product is one of Bourjois's most iconic product. And I can see why many have raved about this blusher. First off, right off the bat, loved the cute packaging, its' so tiny I can put it in my pocket. (I won't :P) Secondly, if you want like a super pigmented blusher then this product is not for you. However, if you would like to get just a nice natural subtle flush on your cheeks. This is exactly the product for you. I am a blusher lover. So I loved the fact that this was fine enough that I can layer it if I want it to be more obvious but I can also just quickly swipe it once or twice for a nice subtle flush on the cheeks. When I first bought it I noticed they were shimmer on top of the blusher. It's gone now because I've been using it quite a lot. However, it does still have that nice subtle glow effect on my cheeks. I love it! I don't see any problem when I use the brush that it came with, in fact I kind of like it because the shape and the size of the brush fits nicely on the apples of my cheeks. But of course this would depend on your face size. Personally, I don't mind using the brush. Although, I tried smelling the brush, I don't know why I did, but I did it, and the brush did smell kind of odd. So, I don't know what that is about. 

Healthy Balance Unifying Powder

As usual powders are used for taking away shine from your face and to make your makeup last longer. This powder comes in a compact casing and with a large mirror in 4 different shades and claims to be good for the skin as it is supposed to be non comedogenic and hypoallergenic.  

//My thoughts on the product //
Now I'm not so sure how to review a powder because most of the time, I don't really pay that much attention to them. What I hate though is if I apply powder on my face and it makes me look so dry. So for me as long as it does not make my skin looks dry and completely ruin my makeup by making me look cake-y I'm pretty much good to go. So, for this product, when I swatch-ed it, it's pretty pigmented. But thankfully, it's very fine and does not settle anywhere on my dry skin. So it does its job at making my face more matte but it didn't make it look dry. I applied this on my forehead, around my chin, under my eyes and wherever I've concealed my blemishes. I leave the sides of my forehead, my cheek bones and my nose bridge un-powdered because I like them to stay dewy. I had this makeup look on from about 3 pm when I applied it and by 7 pm when I had my dinner, I received some compliments about my makeup, so I guess that means that the powder did a good job at making my makeup last longer. Probably, I'm not so sure, but I have a very dry and yet very oily skin (combination skin to be honest) so, my makeup don't last long. So the fact that I received compliments about 4 hours after application without me ever touching up lets me know that it's doing its job pretty well, I’d say. And oh, did I mention that this powder has a nice fruity smell?

So to round it up, I actually like most of the things I bought. I loved the foundation, lipstick the blush and the powder I bought. I was not super crazy about the eyeliner though as I've said earlier, I feel like pigmentation wise it could do a lot better. I don't know maybe some colors in this range might have better pigmentation or maybe I'm using it wrongly? However, I will keep experimenting with this eyeliner to see if there are better ways to use it. 

As for my skin issues, after a ton of research I decided to go on a product cleanse for about a week and adopt a more gentle facial routine by incorporating natural and homemade products. I really hope this works! Pray for me please. 

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