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Hey everybody, today I'm back with the A/W Lipstick Collection the Reds edition. So for all you red lipstick lovers out there you might...

A/W Lipstick Collection : Drug Store Edition (Part 2)

Hey everybody, today I'm back with the A/W Lipstick Collection the Reds edition. So for all you red lipstick lovers out there you might want to keep reading this post. 

First up on my list is Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam, I've talked about this before on the blog so I'm not going into full detail. I love how pigmented this red is, it's like the perfect balanced red because it's not too blue toned and it steers clear of any orange undertone. Also I love how creamy and easy it applies even though it has a matte finish, it applies so smoothly, even smoother than the Nyx Butter Gloss I find. It is very long wearing, you can eat and drink with this and it will leave a beautiful red stain on the lips. So you don't have to worry about touching up. Furthermore for the price, the packaging is really sturdy and it has a great applicator and a nice fragrant to it. So all in all, I really have nothing to complain about. Bear in mind that it can be a tad bit drying so do apply lip balm beforehand. 

Price : RM 26
Where to get it : Any Sephora outlets in Malaysia

Would I re-purchase : Yes 

Another lip product that I recently picked up is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper. I love the packaging that this came with, it's really sturdy and it has a sleek feel to it. I also love the applicator, as it makes it really easy to get in the crooks and crannies of my lips with its doe foot shaped applicator. The formula itself is also very creamy, I didn't find any streaking whatsoever on the lips upon application. It reminds me a lot of Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream, finishes matte and is very comfortable on the lips. The only difference between the two is that the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet is not drying, it has more of a liquid texture to it as opposed to cream like Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream. This red color has an orange undertone and it is beautiful and it makes my face looks so much better and brighter. It claims to last for 24 hours I'm not sure about that, but I will test this in the future and give a detailed review of this lip product on that front. However I did drink and had some light snacks the first time I used this product and it did not transfer to any of the cups that I used which was impressive seeing how pigmented this product is. The only downside is the smell of this product, it smells like a nail polish remover to me and can be quite repulsive to some. 

Price : RM 42.90
Where to get it : Any Watson's pharmacy and Bourjois Kiosk at Sunway Pyramid

Would I re-purchase : Yes!

Up next is the Silky Girl Moisture Rich Lipstick in Vamp. I didn't have high hopes for this when I bought it because it did not look particularly intriguing and there was no extraordinary claims made by Silky Girl regarding this lip product, so I didn't expect it to be anything but just a regular old hydrating lip stick, however, I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful this lip color is. It looks like a really dark red in the tube and I was expecting this color to make me look a lot older than I actually am but that didn't happen. No doubt this lip color has a purple undertone to it but it looks very flattering on my skin tone. I gotta say that this lip color is not something that I'm used to seeing myself in but I can't say that this will be my last lip product in this tone because I absolutely love the effect it gave on me. It makes me look rather mature as it dries to a matte finish, it is very hydrating upon application although the hydrating effect and the pigmentation of this product does not last that long probably only for a few hours, so you will need to re-apply this throughout the day. It doesn't claim to be a long lasting lip product by any means, but if you're looking for a comfortable everyday lip stick that you don't mind re-applying through out the day this could be a good one for you. 

Price : RM 17.01

Where to get it : Silky Girl section of your local pharmacy

Would I re-purchase : Probably no. Although the color is beautiful it's not the most long lasting product I've ever tested and this formulation did not impress me, except for how comfortable it feels. 

Last but not least is my favorite product in the Reds category, the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Retro Red. I love the fact that this color is just the perfect red that has that old- Hollywood-classic feel to it. If you're looking for a true matte red lipstick color, this one would not disappoint. 

It's just such a beautiful matte red color that I feel is not too drying on the lips and is quite comfortable to wear. Although, I still have to apply lip balm before and after lipstick application, I think this is by far one of the best red lipstick I've ever worn. The packaging of this product is also quite sturdy and has a luxurious feel to it and is definitely a value for money product as pigmentation is comparable to high end lipsticks. 

Price : RM 29.61

Where to get it : Revlon section of your local pharmacy.

Would I re-purchase : Definitely! Such a comfortable product to wear, beautiful color and really affordable. 

In a nutshell, my favorite lip product in the Reds edition is the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Retro Red, followed by the Bourjois Rogue Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam and lastly the Silky Girl Moisture Rich Lipstick in Vamp. 


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