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Hi there lovelies, it has been awhile since I wrote a blog post. However today I'm coming back with a bang as I'm going to haul two ...

Cover FX & Becca Haul from

Hi there lovelies, it has been awhile since I wrote a blog post. However today I'm coming back with a bang as I'm going to haul two of the items that has been in my high end wishlist for quite awhile.

The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (liquid) has always been in my high end wishlist ever since Lisa Eldridge raved about this product on her channel. It smells great when I swatch it, it smells very fresh almost like a soap. I really like the smell. I bought mine in Opal and it turned out to be such a pretty pearlescent pink with a golden undertone. When blended on the skin however, it just melts into my skin and it has a nice golden natural wet sheen look on the skin. This is perfect for the model off day wet look. I love how natural it looks and how light it feels. The texture is somewhat reminiscent of a serum, except that this has a glow factor like no other serum I have tried. 

It is important to note however, this product does have shimmer particles once blended. It's not that visible on the face but it was pretty visible on the back of my hand. 

It retails for RM189 and you will get 50ml of products, which might seem a little steep however, a little bit goes a long way with this product. 1 full pump was more than enough to cover my whole face and light it up with this ethereal glow-from-within wonder of a product. So, if you are not looking to slather this product all over your face and use it sparingly like it was intended to, then I would say this product shall last you for quite awhile. There are 5 different color selections to choose from that would suit people with different skin tones.

The next item that I bought was the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. I was so excited to purchase this ever since I saw Tati raved about this on her channel. She looked gorgeous with this on! I bought mine in N40. I almost bought the wrong colour if it has not been for the awesome color finding tool they have on the Cover FX website. So, if you are buying this, please make sure you check out this tool before purchasing the wrong color for yourself as this product comes with a whopping RM220 price tag. (The link is provided at the bottom of the post)

Again, this is quite an expensive product but it gives incredible coverage. I have not tried this on my face yet, so I cant comment much on how long wearing it is or how it looks once you blend it out. When I swatch it on my hand and neck, it was a perfect color for me as it blends completely into my skin. Blended on the back of my hand, it really didnt feel cakey at all. At first it feels a bit sticky but as it blends into my skin, the stickiness disappears and it just covers so well and it feels like there is nothing on my skin. Cant wait to try this one my whole face and give you guys a detailed review. The Cover FX Custom Cover Drops comes in 25 different shades, so no matter the color of your skin, you are bound to find one that is suitable for your skin tone. In case you've been living under a rock (makeup-wise) and have no idea what this product is, it is basically a pure pigment that you can mix in with your primer, moisturizer or sun-block to your desired amount of coverage.

Based on the Cover FX website,
1 drop = sheer coverage
2 drops = medium coverage
3 drops = full coverage
4 drop = total coverage 

If you guys have been on the fence about buying this product, I recommend that you do go ahead and get this but know that you would probably need to save up a little as this is one of those investment pieces in your capsule makeup. But if you guys are still unsure, do wait for my in-depth review of both products to make your decision. Remember, shop smart and spend your hard earned money wisely :)

This was my first time purchasing items on the Sephora My website and I gotta say I am so happy that Sephora finally has an online shop so I can shop my favorite beauty products from the comfort of my own home. Furthermore, I can make better purchases as I can look up reviews and read the comments sections as I go along. My items came in after 3 days which was so prompt and my products came in such good conditions. Navigating through their website was a breeze as well, as the search bar on the top right corner help me find everything I need really quickly. I was also so freaking grateful that the online shop has such a big selection of brands even the brands that are not available in the physical store such as Cover Fx. I actually went to a physical store to swatch the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops a few months prior, but to my dismay I found out that they did not offer Cover FX at the physical store, I was told by one of the employees that I can only purchase Cover FX online. So, I'm also grateful that the online store has a wide selection of products and brands that are different to the physical store so it gives Malaysian consumers a lot more brands to chose from.

These are some of the most drool worthy brands offered at

P.S. I apologize if you guys notice a difference in quality on some of the product photos compared to the swatches, it's cause I use a 50mm lens and it's really hard to use it for short distance photos and for those swatches photos I had to use my phone instead. I hope you can still see the pictures clearly.

Link to Makeup Shade Finder on Cover FX's website :

Link to Cover FX Custom Cover Drops :

Link to Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector :

Link to Sephora Malaysia website :


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