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First off, let me go ahead and explain to you why after 6 years of being a makeup geek and junkie that I suddenly decided to make the leap t...

Cruelty Free Makeup : What You NEED to know before making the leap!

First off, let me go ahead and explain to you why after 6 years of being a makeup geek and junkie that I suddenly decided to make the leap to cruelty free makeup. I have somewhat always been intrigued by the whole concept of cruelty free makeup for obvious reasons. I don't think anyone should get hurt in the process of producing any kind of product that I use every single day. I can't stomach the fact that non- consenting and innocent animals are experimented on and probably even tortured for me. I just can't. (I mentioned non-consenting because one of the alternatives to animal testing is human testing that is with their consent, other alternatives include using chemicals that have been proven to be safe and thus does not need further testing and lastly)

Even though I've always wanted to take this leap. I never knew enough about it to make the leap. Any beauty junkie have always had this thought when they consider going cruelty free, 

"But there won't be enough good products for me to use if I go cruelty free, right? I mean what brands are cruelty free and what aren't?" 
I for one was guilty of thinking that and due to very little information about cruelty free brands that I was scared to make the leap.Thankfully, in recent years more and more beauty bloggers and vloggers made the leap and started making more and more content on cruelty free brands. In my recent google search on this matter, I realize I was mistaken. There are quite a few good number of brands that have now decided to go cruelty free and some of these brands are affordable too! Furthermore, all products that are manufactured in the EU are completely cruelty free and South Korea is on its way to do the same!

So for those of you who are thinking of going down the same path as I did, I've compiled a list of links to blogs where you can find further information on the matter.You can also follow my Cruelty Free Brand Pinterest board where I would pin as much information as I can find on this matter! Find me on Pinterest! Just search @ailanyzabidin and follow me!

Here's a video that helped me to finally make the leap!

Now, my perception on this matter is that, just like going Vegan, it's a FREAKING CHOICE. It's up to you to do it (go cruelty free) or not. Nobody should judge you if you don't.

I won't start preaching to you or try to impose my thoughts and beliefs on this matter to anyone at all. Furthermore, even though I have decided to go cruelty free, I have not thrown out any of my old products, simply because it would be such a waste. So, I have decided to use it all up before I start buying Cruelty Free Products.

So, there you go, I hope that my list helped you to be more informed on this matter and that is the whole purpose of the post is that, you make an informed decision. Whether or not you take the Cruelty Free plunge is totally yours to decide, my job is simply to share with you what I have found and frankly I am excited by the brands that I have seen go Cruelty Free. It is not as limiting as I have always thought. I do have quite a number of options. So if you have been toying about this plunge
I hope my post was informative enough. Although, I am sad to let of go certain brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown and perhaps Urban Decay  (I can't quite decide yet, UD does not test on animals but its parent company does) but it's time that I put aside my own needs and do what I think is right for me.  I hope this post finds you in a positive spirit in which it was intended. So for those of you who are veterans at cruelty free makeup/ skincare feel free to drop by here every so often and impart your wisdom. Let us all share our knowledge and thoughts so that we can all make better and informed decisions as consumers!

Spread love, spread positivity.

List of blogs/ websites to help you with you find cruelty free brands list!



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