Style Saturday (OOTD) : of Coffee Club and taking chances!

Friday, 30.1.2015

The husband and I had late brunch on Friday at Subang Parade at a place called Coffee Club. Food was good, ambiance was lovely as we can see the sidewalk from where we were seating and unexpectedly saw one of our oldest friends walking down the street and ended up catching up with him. We also took our first big step as a married couple that day. Post brunch, we decided to take pictures in front of a beautiful graffiti, I just saw it and decided I want a picture in front of it. Little did I know, tons of people would be looking at me through the glass wall from the inside of the cafe. I was shy as I had always been but I was determined to get my picture, so I did. It was a small chance that I took but what matters is that I took it. Sometimes, chances prop up in life and when it does, you have to grab it, it may not be exactly the way you want it to and you have a 50% percent chance of failing, I don't even know if the pictures I took was beautiful and that it was worth it, but I took it anyway, so every time I have a dilemma about something I'll just think of this moment and i'll just say to myself "take the damn picture", grab the opportunity. Failure or no, it might be just what you need to grow. Like my good friend once told me, "do whatever you want in life and go wherever you want to go, if it turns out good, it's great, if it turns out bad, it's a good experience."

Blazer // random finds in JB
Sleeveless top // Uniqlo (Black)
Skinny pants // Uniqlo
Handbag // Annafella Boutique (@annafellaboutique)
Loafers // 

I wasn't really smoking LOL :P just wanted a prop! 


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