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On the 19th of November, a new music streaming app was officially launched in Malaysia called Yonder Music. The app which is a collabo...

There's a new music streaming app in town!

On the 19th of November, a new music streaming app was officially launched in Malaysia called Yonder Music. The app which is a collaboration between Yonder Music Inc and Celcom Axiata Bhd is available for all Celcom users.

Yonder Music app prides itself on democratizing the music streaming industry that benefits both consumers and artists alike. Basic features include no subscription fees, no download charges, no commercials, and an unlimited access to millions of tracks. (Yonder Music claims that there are currently more than 20 million songs on the app)

How does the no subscription fees benefit artists you say? Well, the app places the responsibility of paying for music on the device manufacturers and Mobile Network Operators instead of consumers. Yonder Inc. pays out 75% of revenues to artist and composers based on the amount of plays they get. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you're a hopeful musician or you've won multiple Grammys, it all comes down to how many plays you get on the app. Which I feel is creating a great medium for the upcoming artist to gain popularity and followers. 

One of the app's most interesting feature is Magic Library which means that the app automatically downloads songs on your device in a smaller format so you can listen to your favorite songs anywhere! The songs will automatically download on a decent network and will be deleted if it hasn't been played for a while. 

The Always On feature lets users have a never ending streaming of their favorite songs, as the app automatically plays related songs and playlist based on your own personal music history and library. Feel like listening to something different? No problem! You can always end the Always On feature by pressing the pause or stop button. 

The joy of music is tenfold when users get to share their favorite tracks and playlist with friends. Yonder App allows users to share their favorite tracks or playlist by tapping the last icon in the Social Bar. I figure this feature will come in handy on Valentine's Day or for sappy Sally to dedicate songs to loved ones. 

The app uses fancy algorithms to generate your Songstream. A feature that provides you with a list of tracks that are popular in your community or hot and new releases.

For more details about Yonder Music App you can visit their social media pages below 

Yonder Music Official Website

Yonder Music Malaysia Facebook Page

Yonder Music Malaysia Instagram

Yonder Music Malaysia Youtube channel


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