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The holiday season is upon us once again! As I grow older the years just seem to pass quicker, does that happen to you too? Well, plenty of...

The Body Shop Limited Edition festive collections are back!

The holiday season is upon us once again! As I grow older the years just seem to pass quicker, does that happen to you too? Well, plenty of time to reminisce as we get together with friends and family members to celebrate this joyous holiday. And we all know what comes along with the holiday season, don't we? Shopping!!! Loads and loads of shopping! To prepare myself for the holiday season I went to my nearest Body Shop outlet and decided to give the products from their festive collections a try! 

As I stepped into the shop I was surprised to see the festive arrangements at The Body Shop outlet. If I wasn't in a festive mood before, well now I am! Check out these festive and drool worthy pre-packaged gift sets, aren't they pretty? I find that the small products would be great in Christmas stockings!

I apologize because the scatter-brained that I am, I forgot to take a few pictures of the products in the festive collections that are sold individually, but rest assured they're there on the shelves! 

You can tell by the pictures that I was especially intrigued by the Frosted Cranberry collection, simply because of the festive color and it brings back such fond childhood memories! My mom used to love spending on these gift sets from the Frosted Cranberry collection growing up. The festive collections are made up of plethoras of body butter, fragrances, hand creams, lotions and body scrubs to choose from in three different scents which are Frosted Plum, Frosted Cranberry, and Glazed Apple. 

I was so distracted by all the colors that I felt like a kid in a candy store, unable to choose which products to buy. Thankfully the employee attending to me was kind enough to let me try all the different scents and  she suggested a few products I should try. I ended up choosing the individual products because I wanted to try one product from each of the different scents. So I picked up frosted plum sugar scrub, pomegranate shower gel, and lastly the glazed apple hand cream. The employee attending to me helpfully pointed out that the frosted plum collection is not to be missed as it is  the latest addition to the festive collection. Whereas the glazed apple was an addition made in the previous year. As we all know the frosted cranberry is a classic collection that The Body Shop have been coming out with year after year and for a good reason too, it's such a nostalgic scent to me and is definitely a classic in my books!  

The gift wrapping service didn't take long. It was done within 5- 10 minutes which I spent by checking out the makeup section. The overall finish of the packaging was also really neat too, much to my liking. 

I especially like the combination of all the festive colors thoughtfully incorporated into the packaging. The best part of this is that the gift wrapping service is completely free if you are a Love You Body (LYB) member, otherwise, you'd have to pay for the additional gift wrapping components. Since I decided to go with the individual products I decided it'd be better to make use of the gift wrapping service. If you're shopping for your loved ones and would like to skip the gift wrapping part, you could opt for the pre-packaged gift sets instead. Also, I think it's important to note that the delivery service, (if you wish to deliver your presents for loved ones, because who doesn't love receiving gifts on their own doorsteps?), the delivery service is absolutely free for  LYB members and non-members alike. 

Afterward, all you have to do is fill up the delivery form, pay up and you're good to go! 

Three days later, I was delighted to find this on my doorstep. Santa came early this year!

My thoughts on the products 

The hand cream does not have any visible effects as it does not give off any shine when applied. It has a very nice moisturising effect. There was a little bit of oil residue which does not last for more than a few minutes on my very dry hands. The fragrance lasts a lot longer, though, which I absolutely adore. It leaves just a nice hint of fresh apple fragrance on my hands for a few hours. I did notice that the patch of skin where the hand cream was applied feel a little bit moister compared to before. I think the tiny packaging is great because I can just chuck it into my handbag  and bring it everywhere with me.

Okay, before I burst into flames due to my excitement, can I just say, I love this product! The scrub is essentially made up of these fine sugary scrub granules. It smells heavenly and I love this scent the most out of the bunch. The granules are not as big and chunky as Bath & Body Work's Sugar Golden Scrub, it is fine and I reckon is less harsh on the skin. It exfoliates well and leaves my skin feeling soft. A few minutes after you apply this on your body, the granules just dissolve and leave a moisturising effect on the skin.  The best thing about this product is that as I apply it on the skin, it give off a  slightly warm sensation on the skin, which in my opinion would be great on a rainy or cold winter day.

The frosted cranberry shower gel has a nice and sweet cranberry scent, reminiscent of my childhood. This product is a favorite of mine growing up and it lathers well, leave the skin feeling soft and clean. I love the fact that there's a lingering scent of cranberry long after I've stepped out of the shower. 

Price: RM49.90

What did you think about the products? Find the perfect gifts at your nearest The Body Shop outlets or if you're a busy bee just visit their website to purchase online. The links of all the products I've reviewed in this post are listed below. 

The Body Shop Website

Glazed Apple Hand Cream

Frosted Plum Sugar Scrub

Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel

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