Less is more

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to have the perfect blog or the most well crafted blog post that I forgot that the whole reason that I started this blog was to be spontaneous and to express myself. I guess binge watching Lily Pebbels and Vivianna Does Makeup's vlogs have taken its toll on me in that I thought everything that I do online had to be well planned and strategically placed like a perfect little ad. But in truth, that's not why I started this at all. In fact the whole idea behind Urban Hippie is all about playing around, being real and sharing a little part of me with you. Because my story might be humble and simple but everybody has something incredible to say in their own unique way. So here I am on a Sunday night, just typing away on my blog using nothing but my phone. And my picture very minimal editing to remind myself why and who I am doing this for. My goals has always been to share a little bit of me. And I am not perfect so why should my blog be perfect?


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