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Background   Chequers specialty? Their ability to infuse waffles into almost every one of their dishes, whether be it savoury or sweet d...

Taste Test // Chequers Taman Tun

 Chequers specialty? Their ability to infuse waffles into almost every one of their dishes, whether be it savoury or sweet dishes! 
What can you expect? Chequers serve handmade waffles using premium local & seasonal ingredients set in a fun and whimsical atmosphere.   

My verdict?
Awesome food.My husband and I went there for a quick lunch. The kitchen crew experienced some technical difficulties and as a result our supposed quick lunch was not so quick anymore. The good folks at Chequers were kind enough to appease us hungry peeps with a free ice cream. It was delicious! Not just the ice cream but everything else too! I've inserted a few pictures for you guys to drool over. Sorry I didn't get plenty of pictures I didn't bring my camera with me and I was so hungry! 

[P.s. I wasn't even angry because the waitress and kitchen crew came a few times to apologize to us about the delay, but to be honest it wasn't even that long, but who I am to deny them the joy of giving me ice cream on the house, right? That's good customer service right there!]

Chicken Cobb Sandwich (RM19)
shredded chicken, plum tomato, beef bacon, hard cooked egg, avocado & curry mayo

 Spaghetti Bolognese (RM23)
classic way with chicken

The decor was modern, simple and quite cosy. 

The portion was not the biggest that I've seen, it was moderately sized, it was so delicious that I kind of wanted more, but for the price I'd say it was sufficient. 
Parking could be a bit difficult to find simply because it's located in Taman Tun. However, not impossible and we managed to find ours without much fuss. The staff were very obliging and friendly, our waitress was very pleasant and helpful when it comes to suggesting items on their menu. We went there on a Friday afternoon and the place was quite devoid of people, so I'm not sure when exactly can you expect a huge crowd in this place.

Overall I was satisfied with my meal and so was my husband. I'd definitely come back for another taste test sesh! 

Chequers is located at :

153, Jalan Aminuddin Baki,

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,

Open from : 8AM - 11PM (closed on Wednesdays)
Official website :
FB :
For reservations : 03-7733 3068

(Disclaimer : I'm not a food critic or a food blogger . Therefore, my review is based on my opinion and because I am not a food critic and not a very fussy customer, I am very easy going  on the places that I go for taste tests. I am also non critical especially on the technical side of the dishes that I've tried. Also, this is not a paid review)


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