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Hello there urban hippies! Have any of you shopped for The Body Shop products online? No? My thoughts exactly. The Body Shop are no stranger...

The Body Shop online experience and mini review!

Hello there urban hippies! Have any of you shopped for The Body Shop products online? No? My thoughts exactly. The Body Shop are no strangers to the Malaysian Beauty junkie community, we love everything about it, the body butters, the awesome scents and the cute packaging, what's not to love? But I rarely ever hear people talk about shopping for Body Shop products online, perhaps because walking into one the Body Shop outlets and testing all these awesome products is part of the experience of buying their products but I don't always have the time to go the mall to stock up on the Body Shop products, but I need in my life! So, shopping online it is then! For those of you who are unaware of their online shop presence, here's the link to their online website

Here's a look at the the Body Shop website 

I love the fact that the search bar is all the way at the top and center of everything, that sure makes it easier for me to do a quick search for a product. However, I do find that the website is a little bit too cluttered, for example there are way too many promotions to look at, so it is a bit disorientating to me. 

First, I browsed through the Top Rated, Best Sellers and New In tabs at the bottom of the home page, but nothing strikes my fancy but I remembered that I've always wanted to try their Color Crush Lipstick collection. 

The Color Crush lipstick was selling off for RM59.90, so I was like, let me take two of that! 
I like that there are some comments and reviews about this product for me to decide which color to get, but I wish The Body Shop would have included lip swatches in the picture section or in the About Products section, that would have definitely helped me to make a better decision. I ended up looking up swatches from other bloggers before putting in my order. I know a few friends who have sensitive skin and the ingredients list is so important to them when purchasing any products so it's great that there's a tab for the ingredients list for every product on this website. 

I was also attracted to the Shimmer Cube and I saw that they had one in a new color called Sugar Plum. In my order bag it goes! 

After clicking Proceed to Checkout, I was excited and decided to sign up for their website newsletter and filled in my shipping address and payment method. 

Immediately after placing my order, I received my order confirmation and my tax invoice which I did not include here) in my email. I love that I received that confirmation email almost instantaneously, I was impressed by that! Not receiving the confirmation email would have been a little bit nerve wrecking!

Now comes the agonizing part, the delivery and waiting bit!

Thankfully, two days later I received another email letting me know that my package has been dispatched for delivery!

I received this package on the next day and  I was so happy that it only took three days for my package to arrive, especially with the standard RM10 shipping rate within the Peninsular, I thought that was incredible. I opened the parcel immediately upon arrival to make sure everything was still intact.

I pried opened the box to find that the products were still in pristine condition, much to my delight! 

Products that I received are: 
  • Color Crush Lipstick in 205 & 110 (RM59.90 each)
  • Shimmer Cubes in Sugar Plum (RM99)

My thoughts on the products


The Color Crush lipstick had an awesome packaging, the cap clicks when you close it, so there are no instance where the cap might just slip out and ruin the entire lipstick. I've had one too many nightmarish experience where the cap of my lipstick got loose and the lipstick was smeared everywhere in my makeup bag. Thankfully, the packaging of this lipstick line is more on the sturdy side. It also has a cute design, one that I don't mind looking at, shiny silver plastic bottom and colorful plastic caps, with The Body Shop symbol on it, it kind of reminds me of the containers for my favorite childhood lollipops I used to hoard, only prettier. 

The shimmer cubes packaging, I read and heard to be a 'hate it or love it' kind of thing, some bloggers seem to detest the unconventional packaging. I love the fact that the eye shadows are encased in transparent container so that it looks sleek and clean. I did wonder why they had packaged each individual eye shadow with its own plastic container, but I assume it's so that you can mix and match the individual colors from all the different colors of the Shimmer Cubes Palette collection. The outer plastic container is quite tight, which is good news so that the individual eyeshadows won't just slip out of the container. However, the individual containers are a bit of a gamble, so do be careful with it, it can get a little bit loose sometimes.

 From right to left : Color crush lipstick in 205, 110 // Shimmer Cubes eye shadows in 01 ruby, 02 dusted silver, 03 argyle pink, 04, rich bronze. 

Here's the lip swatches for both lip colors 


The first layer of 205 when swatched on my hands was quite sheer but it can be layered and worn comfortably. On the lips I used the lip brush to create a nice line with this color then fill it in with the lip color straight from the bullet. 205 is a pigmented fuschia color on the lips, doesn't feel drying at all as it has emollients in it thus it has a moisturizing effect. It is not matte, which I like, it is not glossy or sticky at all, but just creamy and makes your lips look healthy and plump. 


The first layer of the hand swatch for 110 was quite sheer, but it can be layered to create a more opaque finish. Similarly on the lips I used it with a lip brush first to line the lips then going in with the lip color straight from the bullet to achieve the opaque finish in the picture above. 110 is a coral nude color that is great for everyday wear. It glides smoothly on the lips and not drying at all (emollients doing its thing), so it doesn't cling to any dry patches and it does have a bit of a moisturizing effect. It is not matte, so it does have a bit of a sheen to it, that just makes your lips look juicy and healthy. Both of these lip colors had a great color payoff. 


 From right to left : Color crush lipstick in 205, 110 // Shimmer Cubes eye shadows in 01 ruby, 02 dusted silver, 03 argyle pink, 04, rich bronze.   

As for the Shimmer Cubes, I have not used Ruby and Dusty Silver on the lids, but the hand swatches suggests that Ruby is a shimmery khaki grey and Dusty Silver is as the name suggests, a nice frosty silver. Ruby looks like it could be a very versatile color and can be used as an all over lid color, crease color and to deepen your eye look if applied in the outer V. Dusty Silver looks to be a great highlight color, either in the inner corner or in the middle of the lid. Formulation wise, both colors are not as pigmented as I hoped and they are both more on the chalky side. On the website, it stated that these shimmer cube eye shadows can be used wet. Perhaps I will save that for another post for a more in-depth look of the shimmer cubes eye shadows. 

I did use Argyle Pink and Rich Bronze (in the 2 pictures below), I used Argyle Pink as an all over lid color and Rich Bronze as a crease color. Argyle is beautiful shimmery pink color that can probably be used all over the lid, as a highlight and crease color. It is quite smooth when swatched. Although, hand swatches suggest that it is not that pigmented, but it fares a lot better when used on the eyes, perhaps due to the amount of layers of this color that I used. Even then, it gives off the most subtle, sheeny, almost natural and barely there effect to my lids. Again let me remind you that I have yet to test these colors with a damp brush. I'll save that for another post. 

Rich Bronze is the most pigmented color out of the whole bunch and a very versatile color as well. I can see myself wearing this everyday as an all over lid color. In fact, all of these colors work so well together. You get an equal mix of dark and light colors in this palette. Rich Bronze is also the smoothest when applied which makes it my favorite color out of this palette. 

So there you have it, hope I didn't ramble on for to long there. All in all, I am really happy with the Color Crush Lipsticks that I received but the Shimmer Cubes although beautiful might need a little bit more work. I will test these Shimmer Cubes in another blog post and include swatches of all these color when used wet. I have a feeling it might surprise me :) 

Did you find this review useful? Do checkout The Body Shop website and the links of their website as well as the products I've talked about is included below :

The Body Shop website

Color Crush Lipstick

Shimmer Cubes in Sugar Plum

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