Playing with my Nikon D3200

I took this shot on the very same day that I attended Annatasha Saifol's photography workshop. When we went for lunch afterwards, I got a little bored while waiting for our food to arrive and quite frankly I just can't wait to play around with my camera and applied what I have learnt. In other words, I kira gatal tangan la kan. This was my first unsupervised attempt at playing around in the Manual mode in my camera, so I was just trying to experiment with the aperture and shutter speed. Sometimes it can be quite confusing that photographing the same scene like someone vaping, could need different shutter speed and ISO depending on the amount of light available in the environment, at least that's what I deducted from this article

So according to this article slow shutter speed blurs motion. Whereas, fast shutter speed freezes action. What constitutes fast shutter speed? How I remember it is the more the number is as in 1/xxxx, the faster the shutter speed. In other words, 1/1600th of a second is a faster shutter speed than 1/30th of a second. According to the article normally what constitutes a fast shutter speed is more than 1/500th of a second for general photography.

So I found that when I was trying to take the same vaping action by my husband in a dimly lit room, at night, my ISO had automatically changed to 800, and I found that I had to use a lower shutter speed from 1/80 - 1/40th of a second in order to properly expose the picture.

However, I always try to set my aperture at 3.5, simply because I love that slightly blurred out background feel. I used my trusty Nikon D3200 with my stock 18-55mm lens. All you professional photographers out there, if you happen to read this post and found that I could do better or that I misunderstood certain stuff, do let me know. Would love to learn! xx


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