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I feel like most of us have been programmed since we were small to always try to focus our energy on beating others at their game and as su...

It's a dog eat dog world out there, or is it really?

I feel like most of us have been programmed since we were small to always try to focus our energy on beating others at their game and as such we feel the need to compete, to win and to always be the best in something in order to survive in this world. Especially in schools, you have to get a certain grade, have to score 20 somethings As in your SPM so that you'll grow up to be a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. While you're at it, you also have to strive be the prettiest, the most popular, the richest, the best at this and that, if you don't, then you're not worth it. So guess what low self esteem, inferiority complex and hypocrisy is as prevalent in our society as McDonald's outlets and suicide cases are on the rise because we're a generation of "dog eat dog" world and if you don't keep up and be what society tells you to be and be adored by everyone then why do you even bother getting out of bed. Right? No. 

I personally feel that this is a lie. This desperation to survive and to compete and win is an illusion designed to keep our self esteem so low that we become weak and vulnerable, so we spend thousands of our money and devote our time on quick fixes and "wonder" products and services that is meant to forecast our wealth and how well we are doing in life when in truth it does not really enrich our lives and our state of mind at all. Not just that, some of us are so desperate for a smidgen of self respect and a sense of belonging that our self esteem is so wrapped up in how smart we are, or how pretty we are, how many people like our photos on Facebook or Instagram or the fact that we live in certain affluent neighborhood, or what kind of car we drive and all these other materialistic things. 

I personally believe that we don't need to compete and prove our worth to nobody because no matter what grade I get in school, how I look, how much I weigh, what car I drive or what phone I use, I am worth it. I don't let materialistic things define who I am. The fact that I have them or not makes no difference to the values and principles I live by and just because I have all these things that you don't it doesn't make me any better than you and vice versa for you. So don't get me wrong, I still welcome the concept of getting money and I do love spending and buying stuff for myself but I don't do it because I want to feel superior or that I want to be adored by my peers. 

"My worth is not determined by the price of my clothes. No matter what I'm wearing I will always be India Arie." - India Arie 

I also believe that we don't have to compete with others in other to be the best possible versions of ourselves. In fact, once I let go of my worries for status quo, for reputation, once I stop caring about what others think of me, I am free, I am happy and at peace with myself. What others think of me is none of my business.

"How I see myself is far more important than how others see me. Abundance is our natural state, therefore we don't need to compete or to "survive". We're here to expand, evolve, to learn new things, and make mistakes so that we'll grow into becoming the best possible version of our selves by getting to know who we really are and accepting our selves a 100 per cent." - Ralph Smart

Money and materialistic things do not rule my life, it does not define who I am. I try not to let money and power enslave me or intimidate me. I don't have to pay anyone anything to laugh, smile and live my life. We came here to have the best life that we deserve with or without money, power or materialistic things. So, fret not, even if you're not the prettiest, the smartest, the richest, there's hope, f*ck the people who would judge you, remember "those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind,". I mean why should you live you life based on expectations other than your own? So just go out there and be free, love and accept yourself completely no matter where you are in your journey, live your life, embrace your passion, you are worth it, don't let nobody tell you any different. 

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