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Claims Volumizing Review Pros (+) # I love the packaging, it is very sleek and it has a cute color combo # The handle is tap...

Battle of the Maybelline Mascara : The Rocket Volum' Express


Pros (+)
# I love the packaging, it is very sleek and it has a cute color combo
# The handle is tapered at the end, makes it easier to grip and control the wand
# Plastic wands, I love plastic wands, it reminds me of the Benefit It's Real Mascara which is one of my favorite mascaras. Not to mention even the formula and overall finish of this mascara is also very comparable to the Benefit mascara
# Bristles are quite dense, thus it grabs my lashes well and manages to separate them 
# Can be layered to get a more dramatic spidery lashes
# Can be said to be volumizing, it's not anything overly impressive, like my lashes are not suddenly magically curled or anything but it does volumize my stubborn and straight lashes moderately well. Overall, in terms of it's volumizing properties, I give it a thumbs up! 
# At RM38.02, (through Watson's online shop) I'd say it's a pretty affordable mascara, although not the cheapest at the drugstore, it certainly doesn't break the bank and it's definitely worth the price. 

Cons (-)
# Can get quite clumpy
# Bristles are quite short and the wand  is straight. I feel that it would probably give an overall more volumized and curling effect on my lashes if the wand was curved, like it's sister product, the Hypercurl Mascara. 
# The formula dries up pretty fast, so you have to work with it quite fast. 

 See how this mascara works in real time! 

That's all for this week folks! Hope you guys liked my review and let me know if there's any products out there that you'd like me to review next! :) Thank you for reading my review!


  1. yes yes i pun perasan yang its a bit clumpy. so kena pakai elok2 masa nak apply.

  2. Excellent review! I'm impressed with the length and volume. Don't you wish we could ban the clumpies? HaHaHa

  3. So how would the Rocket compare to the Hypercurl Volume Express in Very Black Mascara? Cause I'm getting either one!

  4. I personally prefer the Hypercurl over the Rocket as it curls my lashes and keep it volumized for a long time compared to the Rocket! :)

  5. @kimalston Hahaha my secret mission in life is to banish the clumpies forever!

  6. @innanieariffin Yes, I kene pakai elok2, also if i notice ada clumping, I will brush through it with my lash comb! :)


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