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I have been rather busy lately, I've had a jam packed week. Starting with the post wedding photo shoot that did not happen due to bad w...

OOTD : Dimsum for Brunch anyone?

I have been rather busy lately, I've had a jam packed week. Starting with the post wedding photo shoot that did not happen due to bad weather in the morning where we were supposed to go to a beach side and film with the sunrise. Needless to say on the day that our photo shoot was cancelled I was really bummed out cause I actually got up at 5 am to get ready and all that. Seeing how bummed out I was, my husband wanted to make me feel better by bringing me out for a Sunday brunch. So we ended up going to eat chinese food at Oriental Pearl Restaurant @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club & Resort cause I was craving for dim sum. We ended up ordering way too much and we ended up having to sit there till 2 pm just so that we can finish the all food we ordered. That was just epic! Talk about bad decision making! On top of that, restaurant charged us GST on top of service charge, which pissed my husband off. Nevertheless we had a great time together. Izzat has been working a lot lately and I have just been well, moping around if I'm not doing some organizational projects. I'm still waiting for my 4th year uni application to go through (I'm a psychology major). Damn paper works! But I have high hopes for the future. I only wanna be and achieve bigger and better things! No doubt this year has been a roller coaster so far, full of big and dramatic changes. My husband is my only anchor. Without him, I'd probably run adrift in a vicious current of life. Okay, enough emo-ing. I love my outfit that day though. (Details and brands of my outfit is listed below the last picture)

The feature of this ootd post is this beautiful dress. I like the drapes that this kimono-ish dress had. Though the drape was a bit too high up that I had to wear leggings with it. Comfortable yet still unique and not too revealing I'd say. I bought this long sleeved cotton dress from an Instagram shop. I don't understand why most people would silently judge me if I buy clothes from Instagram. Like I'm one of those people that is not brand conscious. To me, as long as it looks good, I'll buy it. Although I do understand that not all of these online sellers or instagram shops are trustworthy at times. So I decided that every time I buy from an Instagram or an online store I would show case it on the blog. Meaning it was tried and tested. If it wasn't good, you'd know, trust me.  As for the photo shoot it's scheduled for another week. Although not anytime soon cause I have my graduation ceremony the coming week, my ootd for my graduation coming up next week! It was an awesome day but i'll get into that in another post. Till then, toodles! xx

Dress : @bombshellboutiq on Instagram (RM31)
Handbag :  Prada BN1902 Tessuto Nylon Convertible Top Handle Long Tote Bag- Black
Sandals with heels : Vincci 
Watch : J Bovier  


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