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Battle of the Maybelline Mascaras : Lashionista Review


#A good defining mascara
#Definitely separates my lashes well enough for me to see each strand of lash
#Does not clump up when I layer it on
#Dry formula 
#Love the packaging
#Excellent brush, it has tiny fibers inside the formula that when you take out the brush, the fibers gets attached to the brush  
#Beautiful natural effect on lashes 

#It does not appear to actually lengthen my lashes by any means (even if it does, the difference is small and not as much as I'd hope)
#Due to the tiny fibers and the formula it can get pretty messy at times, my mascara deposits a black stain all over the rims off the bottle even though I only had it for less than a month
# Based on my experience with this mascara, if you have short stubborn lashes like mine this mascara probably won't do anything extraordinary to your lashes as far as lengthening goes and it  probably won't curl or give volume to your lashes, simply defines it for a natural everyday look.

Quick comparison : How my lashes look like before any mascara and after one coat of mascara on both eyes. 

Here's a look of my lashes after one coat of mascara on the left eye. You can see my lashes on the left side is nice and curled compared to my lashes on my right eye which is completely straight. 

Here are all the pictures of my lashes after a coat of lashionista on both sides. I'd say it does define my lashes, make it look darker and more visible and very well separated. However, I don't see much of a lengthening effect on them. Do you? Is it just my eyes deceiving me? 

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If you do want to give this mascara a shot though, here's the link to it on the Maybelline website and on guardian's online store

Maybelline website

Guardian's online store


  1. Haha true.. this mascara does not really help much. I prefer the big eyes duo brush mascara.. helps vulumize my lashes too.


    1. I have never tried the big eyes mascara, it's quite pricey for a drugstore mascara isn't it? but I've heard good things about it and I will get my hands on it eventually! Thanks for the suggestion! :)


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