OOTD : Mikey's NY Pizza

 We all have those days where we feel really uninspired and we just can't decide what to wear and browsing on Pinterest just leaves u feeling more demotivated cause really who has a perfect wardrobe like that! 

As a solution to this problem, I decided to document more of what I wear everyday, (only the outfits I like of course) to try to remember what I wore and by doing this I hope to continue to stay inspired and help me remember how I previously styled different items!

Wednesday, 28.1.2015

Shades // Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Necklace // Forever21
Shirt // Menage
Leggings // Guardians pharmacy
Sneakers // Nike 

That day I went out to eat Mikey's NY Pizza ( in Publika/ Bangsar) with my husband and a few friends, it was delicious and at around rm8 a slice, they're pretty affordable too! If you do decide to give Mikey's NY Pizza a try I dare you to eat their 9-1-1 pizza! 


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