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// read // I recently read The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. I found that the first few chapters were a little bit boring, however once ...

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// read //
I recently read The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. I found that the first few chapters were a little bit boring, however once the story picked up it was a really captivating read. [Spoiler starts here, so if you don't want to know the plot and is already familiar with Mitch Albom's books then don't read beyond this.]
The story revolves around Dor, an inventor who was  the first ever human to start measuring time and he created machines that can help him track time, which is a blessing and a curse because the minute humans start measuring time we stopped living in the present moment and we started focusing too much in the future. The story taught me a lesson that at times, time can serve as a distraction, an illusion that constantly swerves our focus from the things that really matters in our lives. To teach this lesson, Farther Time, punishes Dor by making him immortal to hear the pleads of every living soul on earth. On top of that Dor was given special powers like the ability to slow time and by doing so he gets to grant people in need the gift of time. This is when the story gets interesting and this book made me realize that we often do not appreciate time and how it affects our lives. 
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// eat // 
I tried Tokyo Pastries in Avenue K and I thought that the food was delicious. I had the Tokyo Crispy Chicken for RM18 and I thought that everything was great, the chicken was golden and crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. The combination of the crispy chicken and fresh salad, crispy golden potatoes and rich Japanese curry sauce was like a tiny party in my mouth and tummy! I read on their FB page that a few people had quite a bad experience with their service at their other outlets but personally I found that their service at their outlet in Avenue K was not as bad, it was quite prompt and my fiance and I really didn't have much to complain about.

Who's a big fan of sitcoms? I am! Speaking of which I've been watching a few episodes of Who's The Boss and it is so awesome because it reminds me of my childhood. 
Who's The Boss is an 1980s sitcom about young Tony who escaped New York City with his daughter Samantha (young Alyssa Milano) in hopes of finding a better life and career in the suburbs. He did find a job as a house taker and a place to stay working for a high driven career women, Angela Bower and her son. The attraction and awkward tension between them is undeniable and the story revolves around their day to day lives in the good old Bower household! It is sort of like The Nanny but on a parallel universe. I find that the lines are not as clever as most other sitcoms that I love, I mean it's not hysterical and laugh out loud but I just enjoy watching it because it's so nostalgic!
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