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With my birthday just around the corner, I thought I'd round out my all time-favorite handbags from recent years. No, I'm not hintin...

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With my birthday just around the corner, I thought I'd round out my all time-favorite handbags from recent years. No, I'm not hinting or anything, I just thought I should list it cause you know.. I like it haha. I love buying these designer handbags, (My parents don't buy them for me that often, just whenever my parents are feeling extra generous especially for birthdays, graduations etc) but I am by no means an avid follower of trends per say, I like to just sorta go with what tickles my fancy.  In recent years however, my love for handbags have transferred to makeup and beauty related products. However, when I was researching for this post, I sort of re-discovered my love for ultra chic handbags from the classics and cult favorites to the most recent releases. I tried to restrict myself to only 10 different handbags, but you can see that I sort of went overboard. What's a girl to do. So, sit back, relax and feast your eyes on these beauties!

Images edited by Lanyczar through Polyvore

1. Celine Luggage Handbag
Background // At number 1 we have the ultimate bag that I've loved for the past few years since it came out! This is the bag that everyone's been donning on tumblr or on pinterest. Now I know, this was actually really popular quite a few years ago, but I was never able to get my hands on them because it's always out of stock and there's a very long waiting list for each unit of these babies. 
Why I love it // There's a certain sleekness to the design that I just love, I think the classic boxy design is what makes it sooo special because you can match it to practically any kind of outfit. I can see myself using this bag with a plaid shirt and some boyfriend jeans and black nail polish going out to get a cuppa'. I also like the Luggage in this color. (Link.

Background // *cue angelic music* this is the Holy Grail of all handbags. Need I say more?
Why I love it // First of all, WHY THE HELL NOT. It's classy, it's beautiful, it's everything I've ever wanted in a women, I mean bag... Darn. Second of all, she's a timeless beauty. This is one of those designs that for generations to come it will I can dare say never go out of style. It's so sophisticated yet modest at the same time ( there's nothing modest about the price though) because it's not overly attention seeking or flashy you know, there's no big ass symbols that just screams "look at me", it's just very elegant without being too bold and loud. It's like the caramel to my coffee, you know. I just can't. #dontjudge

Background // This is actually a recent discovery for me. It's the small version of the Borough bag.
Why I love it // I love the clean sharp feel to the design, it comes with a cross body strap which makes it versatile. There are 3 expandable compartments which mean I can stay organized and I don't know why but I love the line that goes across the bag that just makes me feel all tingly inside. *cue Jason Mraz - I'm Yours*

4. Givenchy Antigona 
Background // This bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap, which again, makes it very versatile. 
Why I love it // I'm not sure really. This bag is not usually the kind of bag I usually go for. The structured shape and design of the bag is what attracts me but what also makes me think twice about it. The structured shape is great because you don't risk ruining the original shape of the bag plus I think it's a fresh change from all the straight lines and cuts that we're so used to as of late what with the entire minimalist trend that's been going about. However, the bulky structure shape makes it a tad less convenient no? I don't know maybe it's just me, but I think this bag is great for that very delicate and very feminine dress you might have and it's perfect for those Daisy Marc Jacobs loving kind of girl, you know who you are ;)

Background //  This piece was recently updated in pebbled leather, it has an adjustable strap and a separate back pocket, zip closure, top handle with a 4" drop and is available in the colors fuchsia, black and camel (brown)
Why I love it // The top handle is the selling point for me here, I love it because it reminds me of vintage YSL bag my mum used to bring to the office. I think the top handle makes it more versatile and trendy. Furthermore, the simplicity of the design means I can use it for a really really long time. You cannot go wrong with this classic piece. 

6. Hermes Birkin
Background // For its craftsmanship, very few handbags can rival that of a Birkin. 
Why I love it // One can argue that a Birkin is more of a status symbol than a mere handbag. With its hefty price tag, this bag however is not all talk and no walk, check out Purse Blog's post on 10 Reasons Hermes Bags Are Totally Worth The Money (link). While individual opinion on this particular bag or brand may vary, its quality, adaptability and workmanship is undeniable and unrivaled in the handbag world. All hail Queen Birkin. 

Images edited by Lanyczar through Polyvore

7. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Silk Stretch Knot (in Medium Grey)
Background // An elongated version of the signature Knot Clutch, this newer interpretation of the iconic Knot design has captured the imaginations of handbag lovers worldwide. 
Why I love it // The handbag is aptly named Intrecciato meaning "interlaced" in Italian. That interlaced design to me is the reason I'm as attracted to this bag and to the brand as a whole. Available in any possible color you could think of, the sky is the limit. (link)

8. Alexander McQueen Leather Union Jack Skull Clutch (in Black & Gold)
Background // The tragic death of Lee Alexander McQueen in 2010 is a huge loss to the fashion industry. As a huge fan of his extraordinary clutches designs, I was deeply moved by his death. Nevertheless, his talents and visions are immortalized in his collections and his legacy lives on. One look at his clutches collection, (link here and here.) and you will understand why I love his designs. It's out of this world; it's magical, imaginative and unique!
Why I love it // The Jack Union in black and gold serves to be a very captivating contrast. The skull on top is just a lil something something for all dem haters. Nahhhh... I like the skull on top because it adds a certain edge and a dangerous element to the piece, paired with the black and gold daring details, this clutch is a combination that is sure to turn some heads! Warning, this clutch is not for the faint of heart! 

9. Alexander Wang Rocco in Soft Peroxide with Pale Gold (in White)
Background // Studded bottom, two zipped pockets, additional shoulder strap, shoulder patch and signature dog clips.
Why I love it // I love the studded bottom, it just adds a tiny but of character to the bag and also I wonder if that studded bottom will help from preventing your bag from getting dirty cause you know the bottom part of the bag doesn't touch the ground, I don't know, it's just some random thought. I also love the shoulder patch because often the strap can get a bit slippery and it sort of hurts cause it can sink into your shoulders, I'd imagine the shoulder patch can solve that problem. 

10. Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Leather Satchel
Background // Top handle, detachable adjustable shoulder straps, top flap with latch hooks and double strap closure.
Why I love it // I think it's obvious by now that I love shoulder bags especially ones with buckles, flap details and top handles. This bag is no exception and an all-time favorite of mine. I hope this cute and practical bag will someday be accessible to me. I can so see myself using this bag all the time!

11. Anya Hindmarch Valorie Glitter-Finish Clutch 
Background // Who doesn't love Anya Hindmarch? It's one of those mother-approved brands because it's girly, it's pretty and it sure does looks decent. The clutch is glitter finished, has internal patch pocket and it is lined in black suede (calf)
Why I love it // It's so shiny! Full of glitter! It's the kind of clutch that I'd wear to channel the inner Sarah Jessica Parker or Olivia Palermo in me. I almost picked this up when I was in Bicester Village, but I opted for my Prada instead. So, I guess no regrets :P

12. Mulberry Bayswater
Background // Two top handles, postman's lock closure, metal feet on base, one big compartment, internal belt straps to adjust compartment sizes, suede lining. 
Why I love it // This piece and I have a love affair to last a lifetime. I loved it since 4 years ago when I was a mere 18 year old, today I am old and grown and I still love it. I have passed multiple chances to own it though because I went and bought bags from other brands. But one day I will surely get this one! It's got everything that I love. Top handles? It has two!!! Flaps? It's got a huge one plus with a lock closure to boot! I also love the Bayswater in the latest colors; Orange, Indigo, Brown and Poppy Red. (link)

Hermès evening handbag

Chanel bag

CÉLINE black tote

Givenchy leather purse
$2,430 -

$2,430 -

Bottega veneta handbag

Proenza Schouler gray handbag
$1,905 -

Mulberry tote
$1,825 -

Alexander McQueen gold purse
$1,650 -

Anya Hindmarch genuine leather handbag
$290 -


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  1. I love the antigona but i don't think i want to fork out 5/6k++ for a handbag. :D Anyway, there's one from kate spade and one from charles and keith that has the same exact design. Go and check it out if you want. :D

    1. Yeah I guess our best bet is to buy them while they're on sale (which is tough luck) or maybe would it be cheaper to buy them overseas? :) Either way, the kate spade one sounds very equally as enticing as the Antigona, I've never owned anything kate spade before even though I find them so adorable! :) One day, insya'allah, kene simpan duit lama ni if at all I can buy it :) hahahha But coach latest stuff are very good too, they're calling out the big guns lately and at a more affordable price range then the rest of them :)


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