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//Makeup 1.  Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in number 16   Hmm if you guys have read my Bourjois review, you would know I'm ...

August Favorites (Products I've taken the leap of faith for!)


Hmm if you guys have read my Bourjois review, you would know I'm absolutely smitten by this blusher. I love the ultra-fine powder texture because it is so subtle and thus you can layer it up! 
This was a birthday present from my elder sis and I love how I can get multiple uses out of it. I use the NC42 for me to conceal my under eye circles and my blemishes, Rich Yellow as a highlight and NW43 as as a bronzer. Sometimes I also use NC40 as an eye shadow base. I find that when I use that concealer shade on my eye lids my shadows stays put. These concealers are very creamy and has an awesome coverage. I have always liked cream products more because it works well with my dry skin. I love this concealer palette, this is my HG concealer palette. 
3. YDK + Chopper + Half Baked from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
This was also a birthday present from my dearest friends, Sof, Liz, Billy and not to forget my darling fiance. In the past I've been crazy about Tease as an all-over lid color and as a crease color, it's just perfect! But lately I've loved this combination as well! YDK is a nice bronze color with some gold sparkles on the lids; Chopper is like the perfect bronze-pink gold color, I apply it in the crease, and lastly Half Baked is a definite favorite for every skin tone, this gold with a yellowish undertone looks great on a warm complexion like mine, so I just sort of dab it in the middle of my lids for a nice pop of color. 
This brush was my first ever concealer brush. I used to blend concealers with just my fingers but, I don't know I was curious as to how different the end result would look with a brush and I loved it! It makes applying concealer a very enjoyable process to me because I love to see how the concealer just disappears, I just sort of push the product with the brush and the end result is amazing! It just blends my concealers very well. I was intrigued by this brand after watching EmilyNoel83 raved about them and I love how affordable they are. Eco Tools is a leader in eco-conscious beauty products and they are famous for their bamboo brushes with ultra-soft bristles. You can get yours at any Shins outlet. 
5. Revlon Photoready Kajal and Brightener in 003 Emerald Empire
This product is dual ended, on one end there's emerald green eyeliner that I've used once or twice for a more subtle eyeliner look. I've never tried to smudge it out though, but you can definitely smudge it out to get a smokey look. On the other end, is my HG eye liner for my lower water line, for that bright and awake look. This color fits me better than a white eye liner because I find that this beige color just looks way more natural. But the product can be a bit smudgy so I normally warm it on my hands before I apply it to my water line. I picked it up at a Watson pharmacy but you can find it at any local pharmacy that carries Revlon. 
6. Cyber Colors Auto Eyebrow Pen in 02 Gray
This is also the first time that I've ever ventured out in the great big world that is cosmetic products and ever tried to buy anything for my eyebrows, because I have very thick eyebrows. As this was my first time I didn't want to spend like a million bucks on it. But I've gotten a lot of compliments on my eyebrows ever since I started filling in and shaping my brows using this product. I like the color because it suits my natural brow color. I also like the spoolie brush that it came with, it's a very handy tool to have because I can also do my brows on the go if I'm ever in a rush. If you're a beginner or you just don't want to spend a lot of money on your brows this could be a good addition to your collection. Again you can pick any Cyber Colors product at Sasa. Cyber Colors are one of those products that gets overlooked whenever I'm in Sasa, but I took a leap of faith with this product and I'm pleasantly suprised! 

1. Schwarzkopf Got2b Guardian Angel 
I've always been hunting for a heat protectant at Sephora and Shins etc., that I've only just discovered this very affordable heat protectant at my local Jusco. Love it! I remember reading some rave reviews about this online, and it was so affordable so when I saw this I just took it without any second thoughts!
I've got very fine but frizzy hair, this anti-frizz serum is perfect for the humidity as it helps to control the frizz but I notice that it does weigh my hair down slightly which sucks because my fine hair has little to no volume as it is, so I use only the tiniest amount like a tiny tiny drop. I also prefer to apply it on my wet hair as opposed to dry hair mainly because I don't like the greasy feel on my hair, so I apply it from mid-lengths to my ends. Since I have fine hair, I'm trying not to use any oils or creams and anything that weighs my hair down too often. So, I will try to finish this but I will definitely experiment with spray formulations next instead of oils. You can get this at most pharmacies or supermarket. 

This stuff is amazing, packed with 6 skin loving nutrients such as shea butter, green tea and mushroom extract, 2 vital vitamins (pro-vitamin b5 and vitamin E). After a few weeks of using this eye cream twice a day I managed to look young again, sans dark circles! Available at any local pharmacy, Watsons, Caring etc. 
2. Aloesainz Aloe Vera Gel 
I know this is weird, but bear with me; I've been using aloe vera gel as my moisturizer. I started using this on my face about a month ago, when I had allergic reactions to a certain beauty experiment I did using my facial mask (don't ask) but suffice to say that it didn't end very well. I had a lot of redness, dry patches as well as a trail of break outs on my t-zone and on my chin. It was indeed an FML moment. So, I turned to this aloe vera gel because it was really soothing for my then extremely dry skin and it managed to quell the pain I felt from all the breakouts. I started using it after I stumbled upon a website that highlights the benefits of using aloe vera as a face moisturizer, you know how it's moisturizing and it's anti-inflammatory and blablabla. So I thought I'd give it a try, at first I was quite hesitant to use it often because I thought it was just weird. After a while though, I noticed that my skin felt and looked better every time I use it, so I took a leap of faith and I have been using it daily ever since. I notice that my skin looks healthier and my dark spot are fading one by one, so I couldn't be happier. Just a tiny droplet is enough for my whole face. Once this runs out though I thought of buying this Aloe Vera Gel from Holika Holika


1. Essence Color and Go in 144 Black is Back
Love this nail polish because it doesn't take too long to dry. The color can get a bit streaky but I normally just layer it twice and it gets very opaque. Essence is a very affordable brand as a whole and they have a wide color selection for this range. I pick mine up at an Essence counter at Jusco Kepong. 

//Non-beauty favorites

Favorite book 
1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
I love this book it is such a pleasant read. It has got a nice flow and I love how it was written. I will write about this book in a post really really soon! 

Favorite songs 
2.  Tori Kelly - Dear No One ( I also love the cover by Leroy Sanchez

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  1. That concealer palette looks amazing! I never knew they had one of those! and I might see if I can get some Aloe Vera gel because I think one of the products I used gave me a really weird reaction and I never had so bad skin. Midnight Recovery by Kiehl's is definitely my best friend at the moment.
    Anjna Harish

    1. Me neither! :) yes, try and see whether the aloe vera gel helps you :) ooh I saw that on Beauty Minded she gave rave reviews on the Midnight Recovery, it's in a blue bottle right? Looks promising! I'm going to look into it! :) I've been wanting to try the Origins super spot remover too. I'm quite torn :)


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