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Minimalist  Minimalist  by  lanyczar  featuring a  hi lo maxi skirt  (pictures are from Polyvore) \\ Minimalist Who's a ...

Trend I'm currently loving : Minimalist

Minimalist by lanyczar featuring a hi lo maxi skirt (pictures are from Polyvore)

\\ Minimalist
Who's a big fan of the minimalist trend? Me. 
Why I love it? It's simple, comfortable, and it's easy to style. Think neutral colors, sharp modern lines and cuts, draped or layered gold necklaces and dainty gold rings. Paired with a red lipstick and some smokey eye it's the marriage made in chic heaven. 

\\To Birkenstocks or not? 
Mango carries those Birkenstocks inspired / leather wrapped sandals here, but at a pretty hefty price point. Fortunately, I saw a Malaysian based Instagram shop selling something similar at a very reasonable price of RM49 search vogueapparels

\\Dainty accessories

I swear I'm not  cheating on my statement necklaces, but I'm also slowly falling in love with dainty accessories. I was first intrigued by them when I saw Olivia Palermo wearing and layering up different kinds of dainty accessories. What I so love about them is that, while statement necklaces are so gorgeous, sometimes I just want to wear a nice simple shirt and look comfortable not crazy glam and you can practically mix and match them and it will still look chic. My sister introduced me to a great online shop called Luccacal that sells plenty of these dainty accessories under the Necklace>> Pendant section. They're Malaysian based too so shipping won't kill you. I've never bought anything from them but I'm going to give them a try soon. If you have, let me know how you liked their service and etc. in the comment section below. Of course H&M sell these too. But you already know that, don't you ;)

Finders Keepers hi lo maxi skirt

ONLY short skirt
$40 -

VILA stripe shorts
$47 -

Black shoes

Gold jewelry

Adjustable bracelet

Olivia Burton pink wrist watch
$125 -

Collar necklace

VIVETTA pink hat

Larke black eye glasses
$460 -

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