Effortlessly Sexy : Lady Gaga Fame Review

I've never been much into fragrances. I don't really collect perfumes per say, not like handbags and statement necklaces. However, ever since I saw the packaging for this product I was sold. When I saw this on my sister's dresser I immediately asked if my mum could get it for me and a few months back she got it for me when it was on sale. I'm not quite sure how much does it originally cost but my mum managed to buy it for me at a mere RM99 for 100ml at Sogo. However, you can get yours at any Sephora outlets at its original prices. 

It is in no way is a new product, I've only just gotten my hands on it and I thought I ought to give my feedback on it. 

Lady Gaga Fame from the Haus Laboratories in Paris is the first ever black eau de parfum. If that does not say bad-ass I don't know what does. Fret not as it does not stain your clothes, because no one wants black patches on their clothes, ever. It transforms into a diluted black and eventually becomes clear after it's been sprayed.  It smells absolutely amazing, sort of soft and sexy at the same time. The kind of perfume that I imagine Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman would use for some reason, very seductive yet classy. Oh and the packaging is just drop dead gorgeous. I love black, not going to lie. My closet is filled with black tops, black skirts, black studded this black studded that. I just love anything that's slightly edgy and elegant at the same time. So this perfume has me written all over it. It just screams for my attention.  

This eau de parfum is inspired by Belladonna, -the deadly nightshade, notorious for its use in the medicine and cosmetic world. Also, it was used as poison in the ancient Romans. (Or at least that's what Wikipedia says.) Ingredients include Tiger Orchidea, Apricot, Saffron and Honey. I'm in no way a fan of Lady Gaga but this is the first time that I've ever actually loved a perfume and the whole concept is just amazing to me. It managed to encapsulate her eccentric and somewhat dark and dramatic personality into this beautiful product. The only problem I might have with it is that, the ingredients are written in gold on the box so I can't really read it. I know, nobody reads the ingredients list but I just thought maybe it's nice if it was actually readable. But then again, that's me; I'm a bit fussy about things. 

So the verdict: This perfume is just absolutely gorgeous and classy, if it was human, I'd marry it. Nuff said. 


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