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Now it's time to get ourselves back to reality and slowly transition ourselves out of the holiday spirit. I'm never one to look forw...

Back to school : Stationery & Uniqlo haul and essentials.

Now it's time to get ourselves back to reality and slowly transition ourselves out of the holiday spirit. I'm never one to look forward to going back to school, uni or work, but if there's one thing that can make the whole process of doing assignments or home work a little bit more fun (despite the joy of learning new things of course) is the big giant S that is stationery and shopping. In light of this I thought I'd showcase a few of the purchases I made to prepare myself for yet another busy semester in uni.

1. Stationery
First thing that I looked for was washi tapes or DIY masking tape. I've seen them everywhere on youtube channels, on pinterest, on tumblr you name it. I currently love to use them in my daily planner to make it look pretty and much less intimidating. I thought by setting less goals in one day and putting only what's necessary in one day and then jazzy-ing it up with washi tapes and colorful bookmarks would make my daily goals so much fun to look at! I bought mine for RM5.90 each.

I also picked up some colorful Paper Mate Kilometrico pens. I've always favored Kilometrico pens over anything else because they're so old school. I remember watching their ads on tv with that catchy and cliche theme song in the background when I was a child, I still remember every little word to that song. Also, I never liked using gel pens or anything too messy. I bought mine in green, violet, pink, aquamarine blue for RM0.80 each. I don't know how anyone ever survives a semester without a ruler, I once saw a friend of mine use his calculator to draw graphs in an Economics exam. I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. I bought a Faber Castell ruler for RM1. I used to love those plastic ones, but they tend to go missing quite a lot cause they're so small and easy to miss. These are a bit more sturdy.

2. Uniqlo 
You could say that my Uniqlo purchases were motivated by my desire to stay comfortable rather than to look chic. I picked up the Women 2 Way Rib Laced Stripe Tank Top in the colour 40 cream which will come in handy on a hot day which is everyday in Kuala Lumpur. I also bought the Women AIRism Scoop Neck T-shirt Short Sleeve in the color 71 purple and Women Supima V Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt in 50 Light Green. Sense the pastel color palette I'm going for. My fiance complained about my affinity to black clothing and I have since tried to incorporate more pastel colors into my outfits because I feel that soft and pastel hues really complements my skin tone and pastel colors just looks great for the summer time. The Women AIRism shirt was designed for the gym however I think I might use it as a day-to-day t-shirt; it's a bit see-through though so you'd need to wear a bandeau or a tube top inside. For bottoms I bought the Women Relaco 3/4 shorts (flower) in Navy. I love them, they're so breezy and the material feels so soft against my skin and it is pretty enough to be worn outside, so it can be worn on those days I'm too busy with assignments and couldn't be bothered to change into a nice pair of jeans to go to Uni. Believe me, that day will come. 

3. Essentials

Eye Cream - With endless assignments and lack of sleep, dark circles are a busy gal's best friend. I gave the Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Eye Cream a try and it has since became my fav. Another one that I tried and loved is the Vitamin E eye cream from The Body Shop.

Water - Nothing like the good ol' fashion H20 with some slices of strawberries, oranges or lemon to get rejuvenated on a hot day.

Sunblock - With so much sun exposure, you'd be crazy not to pack on some sunblock. Try to look for one that has at least SPF30, and it's advisable to wear two different sunblocks; one for your face and another for the body. For face, I'm currently using the Ego Sun Sense Face Tint with SPF 50 although I do not particularly love this sunscreen. I'll probably try another product or brand once this runs out. On my body, I am currently loving the Nivea Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion which has got SPF 50.

Earphones - Most of us spend a huge amount of time either commuting, walking or just doing miscellaneous tasks that require a bit more motivation to get through. For that a good pair of earphones and your favorite album is all you need. I'm still in the market to find my new pair of earphones since I broke my last one.

Facial Mist - Sometimes you just need something refreshing to help you get through that last bit of work. A good facial mist might come in handy for that! I personally make my own green tea facial mist which I also use as my toner. Just make the green tea as you would if you were making a green tea for you to drink and then wait for it to cool and transfer it into an empty spray bottle. I purchased my spray bottle at Daiso. If you're not into spraying green tea on your face, you can also opt for the Vitamin E Face Mist from the Body Shop. My makeup artist used this on me on my engagement day and I loved it, it was so refreshing! 

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  1. The washy tape makes your planner look so cute and much more unique! I definitely need to purchase some of this myself, I can't work without a bit of colour!! Lovely post x

    1. Thanks dear! Hope it helped your planner to look more fun! xx


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