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This week I'm going to interrupt my regularly scheduled beauty post to pay tribute to the tragedy that has befallen the flight MH17.  ...

Remembering Flight MH17

This week I'm going to interrupt my regularly scheduled beauty post to pay tribute to the tragedy that has befallen the flight MH17. 

This is the second aviation crisis that involves the Malaysian airlines company MAS in a matter of a few months. Surely, this is a tough time for everyone regardless of your nationality as we can all relate to the despair of losing our loved ones in such an abrupt fashion and the emotional trauma that is associated with it. Indeed in times of tragedies, we all have a part to play and as such there are a few things we need to be mindful of when dealing with such sensitive issues. 

1. Be mindful of your Social Networking Sites

Your social networking sites are very powerful tools of communication. As a frequent user of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook I have come to realize that most of the information that are being disseminated throughout these social medias come from unnamed sources. Yet, the information I've retweeted or shared on my social medias have the power to reach and affect all of my friends and family that are browsing their own social feeds. A sketchy report or statement can still carry a powerful message and affect so many people especially the family of the victims of the MH17 tragedy if thousands of people continue to share and disseminate that information. So, out of respect for the families of those who were sacrificed on board the flight, we have the responsibility to be careful of what we tweet, update, share or "like" on our social medias. 

2. Avoid the blame game.

In a world where news are shared in snippets and in truncated forms it's so easy for us to come to quick conclusions and to make and pass judgments on others. When in fact, none of us really know the whole truth. To unravel the mystery of a tragedy that involves the death of hundreds of lives surely needs a lot of careful consideration and thoughtful conclusions based on the perspective of the picture as a whole and shall not rely on only what he said or she said. Indeed our objective should remain to find out what really happened to the plane and not who should we pin it on. 

3. Since we can't be there physically to help, the least thing we can do is to not make it worst by making claims we're not really sure of.

 Regardless of what your aviation expert uncle said or what your pilot friend might have to  say the fact is that, they weren't there. And while their opinions are valuable because they  have a vast experience in whatever field they might be in, whatever they say should remain  as an expert's opinion and not fact. Do not impose those opinions onto others solely because    you think what you heard is true. Remember an expert's opinion is only that, an opinion and  not fact. 

4. Keep praying.

 I understand that as emotional beings tragedies such as these will surely have a  strong impact on everyone even if none of our families or friends were actually involved in  it.Yes the people have the power to demand truth and information but by focusing so  much on the battle let's not forget the war that we're really in. We want our curiosity fed  and we want information in order for us to get closure and we want to give the families of  the victims some justice but in the process of hunting for the truth let's not forget to pray for the souls that were lost in the tragedy. Justice and truth like all things in the universe  have its own time and place, so should humanity and spirituality. The best we can do is to  keep looking for the truth but at the same time continue to pray for the souls that were lost. 

5. Seek help.

 If you are deeply affected or traumatized by recent news or images you've seen do not be  afraid to seek help. Trauma does not only exist for those who were in a tragedy, it can also 
 exist for someone who has witnessed or seen a tragedy and is deeply moved and disturbed  by it. Do not refrain from seeking help if you feel that something is amiss, for example  you've been having nightmares or having heart palpitations whenever thoughts of the  tragedy emerges. 

6. Acceptance

Life and death is not something we have control over. In the end, the best way we can deal with tragedies is to accept that it has happened and accept that we can't control for unforeseen circumstances such as this but we can control how we react to it. The very best way we can react to it is by learning something from it and eventually letting go. 

Let me end this post, by humbly extending my condolences to the families of the passengers on board the ill-fated MH17. It pains me to see innocent lives lost. Surely tragedies such as these spark an emotional riot in us all. But in a world full of commotion, I hope that those who are dealing with the loss of loved ones can find some peace and forgiveness amidst all the confusion, anger and despair. MH17 will always be in our prayers. It will never be forgotten. 

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  1. such a sad situation, my thoughts are with every single one of them! id love it if youd comment back xx


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