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Hello there my hippies! I've been wanting to look for an affordable long wearing matte lipstick for a long time now. My main criteria ...

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

Hello there my hippies! I've been wanting to look for an affordable long wearing matte lipstick for a long time now. My main criteria is that it's not too drying as I have naturally dry lips already and because I live in a tropical country. Another important criteria is that it must be super long lasting because I'd like to put it on and go ahead with my busy life and not have to worry about retouching my lipstick. Not that it's a daunting task or anything, I actually enjoy retouching my lipstick, especially if I use a lip brush I feel like one of those fancy women from back in the 1920s, but it's worth the effort finding a long wearing lipstick for when I'm going to a dinner party or special events because I don't want to have to constantly worry about my lipstick.

I was so excited and intrigued when Le Fleur De Force raved about the L'oreal  Paris Color Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Berry Persistent, especially cause the packaging looks so fabulous with its gold details. However, this product is more of a pigmented gloss rather than a matte lipstick per say. I am hoping to purchase a few out of that line in the future so that I can give you guys a review about it and also because I just love to stack up on lip products. :P

So here I was thinking long and hard about a good matte lip product that I could buy that would not break a bank. After a while, something dawned on me, I reached a silent moment of realization and I had a makeup epiphany, like the goddess of makeup just decided to present me with her blessing with this particular quest of mine. I just realized this product that fits my description entirely and its been tried and tested to be a long wearing lipstick formulation for a long time. Yes my fellow beauty junkies I'm talking about Temptalia Editor's Choice Award 2012 winner the one and the only NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

The reason why I didn't realize that this product is the one I've been searching for is because I was constantly looking at products that had only been recently launched. Alas I decided, I should finally try this product. I purchased mine at my local Sephora and I bought mine in the colour of Amsterdam. (SMLC01) for RM26. You can purchase yours at any Sephora outlets in Malaysia. Click this link for a list of all Sephora outlets across Malaysia.

NYX claims that the Soft Matte Lip Cream will go on silky smooth upon application and it will set to a matte finish. It also claims to be long wearing but not drying on the lips. It comes in a plastic tube containing 0.27 fluid ounce/ 8 ml  worth of product and a sponge tip doe foot applicator.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in AmsterdamNyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam

Personally, I really really like this product. I find that it really lives up to its claims. First of all, the combination of the sponge tip doe foot applicator and its creamy formulation helps the product glide on my lips when I apply it. It feels like a liquid to cream formulation when you first apply it so it does not feel too heavy or thick on the lips and after a few minutes you will notice that it will set almost like a stain. But not like those messy stains you get when you've had a popsicle or something, far from it, the stain does not look uneven. It smells like cupcake batter and I don't know if you're not into that, but I don't find the smell unbearable or overwhelming. In fact I think the smell makes me happy and I enjoy applying the product more cause come on, who does not love the smell of cupcakes?

The best part of this product though is its pigmentation. The pigmentation in this baby is AMAHZINGGGGGG. You really only need a tiny bit of the product to be able to cover your entire lips and you don't get those "Meh I spend money on this shit" feeling when you apply it because the pigmentation is just crazy that you kind of get bewildered over how much pigmentation RM26 can buy. The fact that I bought this in the color Amsterdam, which is a classic red makes me love this product even more. I feel like this color is oh-so-versatile. I can dress it up or dress it down with this color. It goes without saying that this classic red color is perfect for when you wanna doll it up for classy dinners and girls night outs but it is also the perfect color for when I wanna run down quickly to my local grocery store and I don't wanna look like a washed up zombie so, I just put this on along with some lazy over-sized hooded sweater, some moisturizer and a tinted sunscreen on my face and a thin flicked black liner, I think it still looks chic. It also lasts for a very very long time. I feel like I can put this on and not worry about touching up for the rest of the day when I wear this product. What's more awesome is that this particular product has about 22 different shades to choose from, talk about being spoiled for choice huh? When I saw the color selection at the NYX counter at Sephora I was slightly overwhelmed and I ended up swatching each and every color that this product came in. My favorite colors for my skin tone though, was Amsterdam and Sau Paulo, a plummy pink color.

The only problem I have with this product is that, it can get a little drying after a few hours. From my experience, it gets a little drying after 4 hours. My concern is that it can get through the cracks and lip creases and emphasize any crack lines I have on my lips. So my advice is that you should, load on some Vaseline or your favorite moisturizing lip balm while you do your face and eye makeup, then swipe the balm off right before you apply this product.  You can also exfoliate your lips in the shower before you apply this product to help this product work to its full potential. Click this link for tips on how to exfoliate your lips.

So to wrap it up, my verdict is :

Pigmentation : 4/5
Texture : Creamy and lightweight, 4/5
Durability : Very long wearing, 4/5
Moisturizing properties : 2/5 So please load up on lip balms before you put this on.

I also included photos of myself after 1 and 4 hour/s after first applying the products just to give you guys a glimpse of how it wears out through out the day. The first application was at 5.30 pm.

After approximately 1 hour 

After approximately 4 hours

As you can see there's still a slight bit of stain on my lips nearing the 4th hour mark . I absolutely love this product! Have you guys tried this product, did you love it? And if you have any color suggestions comment in the section below cause I'd love to try em! :)

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Disclaimer : All the products used and reviewed were purchased by me. All the reviews given were written based on my own experiences, however, I can't guarantee that the same products that work on me would work on everyone due to the fact that everyone has different reaction to the different chemicals in various products.

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  1. the color look nice on you! and yes, it can get a little drying after a few hours rite..
    but i love the texture. :)

    1. Exactly, the texture is absolutely incredible, so easy to apply :)


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