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This particular item was not a planned purchase. I stumbled upon a trusted cosmetics seller on Instagram, @aliceandcloud and she had a wide...


This particular item was not a planned purchase. I stumbled upon a trusted cosmetics seller on Instagram, @aliceandcloud and she had a wide plethora of colourful and affordable cosmetics from BH Cosmetics to Colour Pop to Australis cosmetics. Of course my curiosity got the best of me, before I knew it I was scrolling through and double tapping her entire feed. This eyebrow trio really caught my attention since it was really affordable (priced at RM30) and seemed like a good way for me to experiment with brow products since I was a brow product virgin.

So I gave it a shot and the results was phenomenal! I was so in love with the product and I never realised how different your face looks after you've filled in your brows and oh what a difference a good brow product can do! I was gifted with very thick eyebrows therefore, filling in or excessive shaping of my brows has never appealed to me. However, I was completely taken aback with how structured my rounded face looks after I filled in my brows with a good brow product. By filling in my brows, my whole face look just a little bit more put together.
The brow defining kit contains a tinted wax to groom and shape brows and two different brow powders to fill in the gaps and help define the shape of your brows. I brought mine in Medium which contains a warm toned dark brown tinted wax and two powders one in cool toned grey and the other on in cool toned dark brown. I find that the cool toned powder is absolutely genius as it is very subtle and helps to fill in my brows without looking like it was drawn on. However, since I coloured my hair recently from black to a dark brown with red undertone, I found that the tinted wax no longer suits my hair colour so I tend to reach for it less. I wish that I could still use it though because I did adore the formulation and once I use this wax to set my brows it ain't going nowhere. The dual ended brush included in the kit is also extremely useful, it's tiny enough to help me in fill in my brows in a rather subtle and precise manner. I normally use the rounded brush to fill in my brows and the tapered end for accentuating the shapes of my brows.
All in all, I find this kit extremely handy and due to its sleek and small packaging it's also very travel friendly. It feels so weird to have a product that I can't find anything bad to say about it! I give this a 4.7 out of 5.


  1. Try the brow kit from Loreal , they have some pretty nice things to offer. It is made up of one wax texture and one powder texture. The first step is the wax , which is longer lasting and the powder gives it a more natural look..then I will use a brow gel to have a more defined look, which you can buy separately from other brands.. :)

  2. That's an awesome suggestion! I'll give it a shot! :) Thank u!! :)


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