Nonsensical prose.

I remember my first ever memory of being in a Disneyland, the sparkling lights amidst the dark of the night, with the sounds and smell of things I hold dear in my heart. It was almost like a fantasy, like it was picked out of my most wonderful and vivid beautiful dreams. A month ago I returned to yet another Disneyland. I thought that neither my cynical adult mind would be able to comprehend nor my reluctant hardened heart would be able to appreciate the wonders and nostalgia that this place brings. Oh but I was wrong. How truly amazed I was, the same childish wonder that used to enchant me still exists. It's so great seeing all the darkness in the world and yet I can still be so touched by the simple wonders in it. Oh how truly naive and malleable our neuro plastic minds can be, almost everything we know can be reversed. Therein lies my faith, the world aint half as bad as it seems.


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