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I have always been a big fan of statement necklaces and without realizing it I've been collecting them for the past year or so. So ...

Bold & Beautiful : My Statement Necklace Collection

I have always been a big fan of statement necklaces and without realizing it I've been collecting them for the past year or so. So far my collection is still pretty small, but I am looking forward to grow them. Without further ado, here's a round up of my statement necklace collection.

1. Edgy ala Delevigne

 // Store :: Lovisa (KLCC, Pavillion & Nu Sentral)
// Thoughts :: Very versatile, edgy and can be paired with almost every outfit.  On its own, it looks pretty basic but due to its simplicity I have managed to get a lot of use out of them. 

// Vibe :: Edgy & trendy. Can be paired with both girly dresses to give the outfit a certain edge and  can also act as a finishing touch for any chic all black outfits.

2. The Glamorous Blake

// Store :: Wondermelkl 

//Instagram :: @wondermelkl

//Price :: My memory fails me, I can't for the life of me recall how much this set me back, but if I remember correctly it was around RM60. Slightly on the pricey side, but the necklace itself is huge and it's one of those pieces you don't mind splurging on because it's just so beautiful and well made. 

// Thoughts :: The newest addition to my collection and the most glamorous piece that I have. I bought it for this year's Eid and I paired it with a pastel pink kimono top and a fuschia skirt ensemble. I posted a picture of that outfit on Instagram.

//Review on the seller :: Unfortunately, I bought this one at a bazaar, so I can't comment on their shipping and overall service. The guy at the bazaar was very helpful though. I like this piece and the quality of it so much that I actually hunted down their sister instagram account (sells only clothes) @emeldarosekl just so that I can purchase more items from them online. 

//Vibe :: Glamorous. This necklace just screams attention.  

// The picture I posted on Instagram:

3. Parisian Chic

// Store :: NovaCouture

//Instagram :: @novacouture

// Price :: Can't recall, but it was pretty affordable probably around rm36 only. 

// Thoughts :: Delicate and beautiful. When I first bought it I was under the impression that this was going to be heavy and hard to wear but in truth, it's actually made out of fabric  and the fabric is adorned with constellations of tiny black shiny beads. It is in fact very comfortable to wear as long as you tie it properly.

// Review on the seller :: Shipping was quite fast, shipping charges was only RM6 West Malaysia & RM 9 for East Malaysia, the standard pricing. Seller was nice as well, not much fuss. Overall, I was a happy and satisfied customer, I would definitely repurchase from this shop. 

//Vibe :: Beautiful. Even though the necklace is quite delicate and extravagant, it can be worn with a laid back plain t-shirt, for that artsy look. For a full on chic effect though, a tube maxi dress will look good with this as well. 

4. Exotic ala Indie Arie

// Thoughts :: A birthday present from my cousin from a few years ago, this piece is one of the first statement necklaces that I own. I love this because the bright colors of the tiny jewels reminds me of Moroccan textiles. With that being said, it is slightly intimidating to pair with colorful outfits and thus most of the time I'd pair it with very dark or plain outfits that needs a pop of color. 

//Vibe :: Exotic

That's all for this week dudes and dudettes! Hope you like this post and I hope that this was helpful. Also let me know either in the comment section below or by tweeting me if there's any other good brands selling statement necklaces that you know, I would love to give them a try xx. 

But oh, before you go, here's a little behind the scenes snaps for ya :) #thebloggerlife (look at my tiny fingers working hard!) 



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